[3.11 Harvest] "Auto-Cannon" Chief's General / All content EZ / Tanky with DPS / Videos & GIF

I want to like this build, but the damage looks really lacklustre even with berzerker. I hope Heist brings something for it.

Something to make use of other warcries would take it over the edge. Help casting them smoothly, or letting generals cry benefit from other exerted effects would be awesome.
How does this version of General's Cry compare to the Sheild Bash version? Has anyone tried both to compare?
How would u go about lvling this just conq path?
Hey all, never tried a build like this:

anyone currently using this in Heist can talk about dps/clear?
Since attack speed means nothing for this build, you can gain a decent boost to your damage just changing your standard Pulverize support gem for a Divergent one.
Feel free to ckeck some skill suggestions:
This build is so awesome with high end items. I can get over 3 million dps per general without vaal ancestral (4.25 million with). And this is still without fully optimized gear and NO jewels besides the mob/cry wolf cluster. If I get 30% crit multi watcher, plus a few crit multi jewels or even double crit multi jewels this dps is top tier and clearspeed is fast af.

**edit: I am aware that the TRUE dps is more like 66% of those numbers, since the 100% extra damage buff is only active half the time. But still a decent amount

My only concern is the lack of defense when you dont have immortal call up. We have a great life pool but our armor is quite low and our mitigation is not that great even with my 7 endurance charges.

Also, Panopticon is best single target anoint for this build (and every melee build) but Tenacity is always active so more utility.
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kill all bandit ?
Adding in a large cluster w/ at least Overlord makes gearing much more flexible. Also allows us to get a second medium cluster so we can have mob mentality, cry wolf, and the onslaught one (i went with 2 x cry wolfs for 100% charge generation).

Doing the full cluster we do lose some life, building my tree to 95 has me sitting at around 7300-7400.

Also you can get rid of clarity if you run 1 x nonchannelling -9 and 1 x channelling -3. This gives us a couple extra levels of precision and no need for an unset ring really.

Only thing I'm really not liking is the survivability. High life is great and all but unless we are really good at casting our immortal call we are really vulnerable to physical bursts. We are basically a kiting melee!
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