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why would you need enduring composure with valako?

Also, immortal call with CWDT is not gonna be all that great...its gotta be maxed level and usually by the time you've taken that much damage you've already been 1 shotted by bosses. The whole point of IC is to pop it yourself during a boss fight to prevent 1hko and get that 15% more multi.

Also, you can't use assassin's mark with Hextouch. It has to be a hex, not a curse. I think the next best option is flammability. I would instead use cast while channeling (or maybe thats what you meant).
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I understand you don't want it BUT:

Level 20 CWDT + IC is good for juiced t16 delirium and maybe against a stray porcupine pack, but in all other instances it is basically doing nothing for you. Regular mobs and regular mapping shouldn't be damaging you nearly enough to proc CWDT regularly. There is a reason the vast majority of builds don't use CWDT Level 20 with guard skills...you are either dead before proccing whatever spell is supposed to keep you alive, or the spell procs so infrequently that it isn't really doing anything. Obvious exceptions are the porcupine explodes and maybe simulacrums where you are hit with tons of on-death effects.

The most RIPy content apart from juiced t16s are single boss hits and the mitigation from a self cast IC far outstrips 5 endurance charges by themselves. Add in increased duration and you are looking at nearly 3 seconds of IC and by that time your endurance charges are almost all back from valako alone. So no need for enduring composure unless you really can't live with that 1 or 2 seconds of time you might have 1 endurance charge less than your max.

So yes, I would absolutely run into a boss and purposely lose my endurance charges in favor of higher mitigation, especially since those charges come right back anyway before the duration (and CD) would end. Remember that the CD doesn't start until after the duration, so even without increased duration we are looking at a total of about 5 seconds between IC casts and that's SELF cast. And I wouldn't waste a jewel slot on something that isn't really providing any kind of real tangible benefit

"I wouldn't purposely lose all Endurance charge....and then jogg head on into the boss. Not smart. I don't need to be schooled on this": I mean clearly you do because this is wrong.
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please . how would it look the Pantheon ? thx
best pantheon is basic phys reduction. Lunaris for mapping, Solaris for single bosses. And gruthkul
I am thinking of building this, but instead of using disintegrator, i wanna use redblade banner and facebreaker. Should bring the cd to 1s-ish.

Has anyone tried this? How do you compare chieftain v zerker for this build?

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