Offline Cheches' Enchanting service

If you don't know what enchant service is, you pay a lab runner to get the specific enchant(s).
I am always on the uber lab leader board :) usually top 10.
Glove enchantments:
Boot enchantments:
Helm enchantments:
If you still don't know what enchants you want. Go to the FAQ section
I'm probably done for the league.

Price list
Gloves - 1 ex | 3 ex for reflect or fury
Boots - 3 ex | 7 ex for elemental penetration or chaos damage
If I happen to land on a pen/chaos enchant and you want to keep, I'll charge an additional 1 ex. (Mostly to prevent rare loopholes with base items).
Helm - Specific helm enchant 50 ex for 1 enchant 45 ex, for 2 enchants, 35 ex for 3 enchants, 30 ex for 4+ enchants | Base item helm enchant 25 ex

Because this is the cheapest enchantment service you'll find available, you will provide offerings for every run and twice enchanted if it's helm or pen/chaos enchant boots. You will tell me what you want and then you will give me offerings and/or twice enchanted (If you want to give me twice and offerings for the other boots or even glove enchant, you'll get your item back faster & I'll return the remaining back). You can give me something like 30 offerings and what ever I don't use, I'll give it back and if I use more I'll just add it on to the price. You can also pay for the offerings at the final price too, but I won't do that for twice enchanted.

Services done: 27
Fun facts of the latest run: Hit ele pen enchant for service and bv duration in 2 lab runs. What the fuck
In progress: 0 - Please use me UwU

IGN: @Chichigami
Discord: Chichigami#3019

Example of a pm: @Chichigami I would like my gloves/boots/helm enchanted with X mod. I will pay [total price] for [total enchant] and will give you offerings before/after.

I'll reply with something to confirm the deal and then I'll do my stuff and in some time I'll get back to you.

Please leave a comment with your gear that I've enchanted for you. If you don't know how to link items, click on your ascendancy picture (top left) then click on the item. Press out of it or esc and it's linked

If you're in the PoE's TFT discord [], please vouch for me too by going to #services-vouches and typing @Chichigami +1 lab enchant. If not you should join :) It's a place to trade :D

Also if you're looking for crafting services go to Kana-chan's thread :) []


Payment before or after?
Up to you. I've had people give me 7ex + offerings + twice enchanted before and offerings + twice before and 7ex after. It's up to you. I prefer before, but if you're scared of being scammed, you can do it at the end.
Why is/are helm enchantment so expensive?
596 possible enchants. Simple: 1/596. Complicated: They're weighted. 0.009% highest 0.005% lowest.
Will you do pen/chaos enchant on boots without twice enchanted?
Yes, if you want your boots back a lot longer, but I'll still charge you for twice enchanteds at the rate of the market.
What if you refuse to give payment?
Fuck you and I keep and sell your item :)
Will you do collat?
No, because there are collat scammers and I vouches on this thread and on TFT and account verified/linked to Discord. Feel free to go to someone else.
What if I can't deliver the enchant?
I will give your payment & item back. I've done this the first service unluckily since it was a shitty lab day, it was unlucky. F
Can you do belt enchants? Why?
No because I haven't bought the upgrades for it.
What are good glove enchants?
Minion build: Grave
Melee build: Fury, Ire
Want another defensive layer: Spite
Want the best bang for buck: Reflection DOUBLE YOUR MTX!!!!
What are good boot enchants?
Minion: Stun, Movement speed
Damage: Penetration, # to # of x element.
Speed: Movement speed, Attack and Cast spd
Mana: Mana
What are good helmet enchants?
Whatever build your playing look that up.
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Asked for 10% pen, started the job right away.
10/10 would utilize the service again.

Good and fast service, everything is clear and cheap, take it no doubt.

Holy poggers, that happend after 40 runs, after ele pen, after chaos dmg got em

Thanks :)
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Good and fast service 10/10. 7 runs
16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently for my boots

Great service, nice fellow, definitely trustworthy. 100% recommended
Hold on to yer shite load o´ bloody barnacles on me arse-cockles, me hearty!

IGN: Trapsdrubel

Awesome service. Under 5 hours.


Instantly started lab runs, got it within 30 minutes.
10/10 would recommend.

got my cast speed enchant done quick and easy. Will use again when necessary for sure.

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