[3.11] CI CoC Ice Nova Assassin - Max Block

hey guys can anyone help me calculate what speed roll I need on my Cospri (before I buy it)...assuming awakened CoC

I'm looking to be running cinderswallow for onslaught, my tree will be the same as OP, no frenzy charges. I think I'm also going to run the elusive ascendancy for the no extra crit damage. By my calculations I think I'm going to need a 9% speed?
shoot looks like its not really possible to take the elusive node...attack speed ends up too high even with an 8% cospri and no speed nodes

*ed: hmm seems like my PoB was wrong...almost fully geared right now and my speed is only 6.29 with onslaught. Don't have any speed nodes yet. Maybe I can make it work, unless I'm missing something big somewhere
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how are you guys able to get consistent 100% crit on cyclone? I'm at 72% with flasks up and my build is basically completely geared...are we ignoring the toolbar crit chance and going with the numbers in PoB? PoB does list a 100% chance even when toolbar says 72, but I'm definitely seeing hits that are not activating my crit and my speed/cd is all correct

ah nvm, i guess those could be enemies that slipped off my consecrated ground and i only have around 90% crit on them
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Guys any idea how to get here 2x t1 es? Targeting 300+ es. I'm thinking about scour and spam dense fossil, then craft the rest easi
As much as I love this build, and my gear is pretty damn solid. One thing always bugs me about ES builds...

On paper, this build seems like a monster tank w/ CI, maxed resists, max block, heal on block etc. And yet, in actual play, it feels so paper thin...Right now I have 8200 es but I can die to a single fireball aftereffect from the rare mod that makes that ball of fire that follows you around. With a life build of only around 5000 those things don't even come close to hurting me that much.

Just died twice to really dumb things, 1 after effect of a Purifier (that I think could have been related to lag) and a single missile AFTER I killed the Hydra.
hey all, regarding bonechill + vortex: does this really up our DPS at all? Seems like bonechill only increases cold DoT which we don't deal and casting vortex also takes away ice nova projectile casts
hmm feeling very confused...

I'm following OP's tree, but right now I am level 93 and it seems like there are 10 more passive points allocated in Ammeron's tree from this point. I counted like 3-4 times...no idea what I'm missing. He pathed slightly differently around the witch area but he traded 7 nodes for 7 nodes so that shouldn't change the totals. Why does it seem like he has 3 extra passive points...

**oy found it: he specced out of throatseeker 3 points
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Pls, take a look at my build and tell me what im doin wrong becuse my AoE aint even fking close to urs even if ive nailed almost all notes..
dbCHEESEqp wrote:
Pls, take a look at my build and tell me what im doin wrong becuse my AoE aint even fking close to urs even if ive nailed almost all notes..

Your profile is on private. We can't see your build.
how do you meet the 7.57 aps break point? mine is only at 6.8 with tailwind =(

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