[RandomBuilds][German][HarvestSSF] Würfel League ! Start: 7/17/2020 [DropIT][330+ Players]

Hello there.
We are some german talking Streamers/Player and we Start in the next weeks our second Private League.
Its no normal PL, so you need to look up our Streaming Team, register you for our League and than, you will reciev a random generated build to play with. The Dice will roll Onstream for everybody and there will be 3 difficulties for the roll.

Short FAQ, traslated my Middi86.
Long english FAQ, Credits to https://www.twitch.tv/rpgsauce and


If there an big english speaking Streamer, to join us, maybe i will translate the Randomizer. So if there really big intress... the Skills, classes are english, so i think you will understand it and i think many of the streamer understand if you talk english there :D


Edit: chorogy and tradingKid added as Streamer. (German)
And we got now nearly 300 entries. So 270Players got a Roll. today start


sorry there, now bit weird german infos:

Jap, es ist wieder soweit. Wir Starten am 17.7.2020 unsere Zweite Würfel League DropIT! Weiter oben seht ihr schon den Trailer und unseren neuen Randomizer, sowie die bisher bestätigten Streamer.
Was wir diesmal bieten: 3 Verschiedene Schwierigkeitsstufen, Preise, 40Tage League mit Mods für -40all Resi und nur Graue Items (+Uniques)

Gerollt wird dann ab den 11.7.2020
Mehr Infos auf unseren Discord und im German FAQ
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Klingt ja super spannend :)

Danke/Thanks :)

NOW. First rolls are comming.
Onstream at our Streamteam.
Start Next Friday!
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four questions please:

1) For Twilight Strand Hillock are we allowed to use the starter gems we get there just in that zone for Hillock if we didn't roll those gems?

2) If we rolled armour/evasion do our items need to have both armour and evasion or can we also wear items that have only armour or only evasion?

3) Could you confirm that if a gem is not on the league gem list then it is not allowed? For example, Onslaught is not allowed because it is not on the list. In general what support gems are allowed?

4) Are Vaal versions of the gems we rolled allowed? For example, is Vaal Ground Slam allowed if we rolled Ground Slam?

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Hey :)

1. Jeah, the Strand is open what kind of Gem, but at the City, the Gem is rolled. So its Only that Gem Allowed.

2. And if you get both Types, it must be the a Basetype with bot. Only one isn´t allowed. the restriction is only for Helmet, Gloves, Bodyarmor and Shoes. And also for Unniques. Tabula = ES type. Facebreaker = ES+EVA.

3. passiv Support gems are all allowed

4. the vaal version is also okay, if the normal version is rolled or green/yellow on the list

I noticed a few gems missing from the Wurfelliga Gems list:

Seismic Cry
Blastchain Mine

I'll add any more I find to this post.

Hey. Thx @J3003

Seismic Cry added (damn new skills)

Blastchain Mine is a support - all supports are generally allowed. :D

Can you have two or more characters at the same time in the league if they all just use the skills and restrictions you rolled?

I'm trying to decide between rolling a melee character and a caster and am wondering if I can roll them both at the same time or if I have to choose one only?

Hey. Every Roll is only for 1 Charakter.
At the first "easy" roll you get 4 Skills, maybe some unlucky combination. so you can decide to go for harder or DropIT. When you go DropIT, 2 Skills get delited (not the first skill, because leveling). So skill 2, 3 or 4 get lost - you get only 1 of them.

If you get a melee and caster skill bad luck, other Question - why to risk DropIT, if the rolls are before so unlucky :D

All other rules at the FAQ and our ticket system for wins.

Awesome league! super hyped having a lot of fun! Thanks to the hosts and everyone working on it and thank you for taking the time to deal with us English speakers! You guys are great
"Life isn't a problem to solve but a reality to experience." - Frank Herbert

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