Archmage Support got nerfed for pve, lower the pvp penalty .

Archmage Support is/was a favorite skill for self casters.
The 20% pvp penalty is now a little too high after it s nerf and the cumulative nerf to mana cost of skills items +fevered mind.

It is now harder to create strong hitter with this support because of those multiple nerf and the already high unleash pvp Damage Multiplier nerf.

Indigon 2000% inc spell damage is pretty similar to the old archmage min-max damage but have a damage boost to all spell damage not only lightning.

In light of the discrepancy between indigon mana builds and archmage mana builds, My opinion is to reduce archmage pvp penalty to 10%-ish so this support is worth using compared to indigon.

QA Team supporter.
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Last bumped on Jul 11, 2020, 1:40:36 PM
Archmage - GMP - Cremation (triple additional PvP penalty) on a character that has ~800% increased damage and 8k mana can barely scratch a random lvl 85 pve character on Sarn Arena. Great experience.
3.9.2b — 3.9.2e: 19 days of Standard funeral
The game had a tremendously fun and rewarding PvP experience

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