Help me with my dps

idky my dps is so low can someone help with maybe what I should add or replace from this build?
Last bumped on Jul 6, 2020, 2:49:40 PM
After a quick glance (and mind you, i didnt go into depth) i got afew suggestions:
1. get rid of claws - get better weapons, either higher DPS 1handed swords (dunno ur budged, but a cheap substitute would be Ahn's might, its like 1c per, if u got more, get a high pdps foil or even an 2h axe)

2. get rid of fortify in ur cyclone links, instead link it with leap slam + forty + increased duration (or endurance charge on stun, whichever u prefer) this will give u an additional socket.

3. decide what build ur doing, ur build seems to be all over the place, u got cluster jewels that are a huge meh with bleeding and the such, u got impale linked in ur cyclone, and u got every life node u could get ur hands on.

overall, this kinda looks like u tried to mish-mash abunch of builds or tried to make ur own, i would recomend scrapping the whole build and getting a proper guide to follow. ull just need abunch of orbs of regrets and some better weapons and ull be fine.

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