Harvest - Show Us Your Crafts

Please share some of your best Harvest crafts to give others hope. This is a craft league afterall.

Having played recent loot-splosion leagues like Delirium & Metamorph, Harvest league is a big adjustment to me (and many others so it seems). Drop rates feel much lower, no question about that. The garden requires TLC. Map sustain is rough (and my only complaint so far). But the crafting is niiiiice! And of course trades are down because it is much less necessary with what you can accomplish in the garden.
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i know a lot of people have been griding their crazy crafts, min maxing and what not. i was just happy to be able to target annul a bad resist on my belt.

my best one... so yeah not playing anymore x'D not playing for few weeks now tried it didn't enjoyed it.
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?

In progress, need t1 life:
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Reddit has plenty of such posts. Literally multiple new GG items everyday. Here's an example - https://i.redd.it/f2ym4lgzd1951.png

Didn't post it as an image as it'll just make people feel bad. Click at your own risk.

I don't share them here though, as they're not as generally useful as my typical informational posts, and there's already grumbling about those as it is (thanks to all the bitterness on this place towards Reddit, despite that almost every tool and guide for the game has been shared from that community).

Anyhoo, above is an example of what you could make, but don't go in with that as your expectation.
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My current weapon, left it there until i hit lvl 100, its fine for the moment and i wanna get other crafts going

Chest: THAT T2 LIFE SUCKS BALL, but its usable. Great upgrade it was, the onslaught suffix its kinda meh TBH but it looks cooler than a resist.

DOT phys amu, some resist life leech and t1 life. Could be better but rerolling 3 phys mods is kinda annoying so im leaving it there until i get something better. Chaos res feels good tho

WIP: stupid mana in the midle, wanna get t1 life and phys dmg. Maybe mana leech too.

WIP, almost there need to get better cold res

WIP: need better light res and some leech (mana prefered if i cant get it on the other ring)

WIP: need 2x augment phys (ouch) one for the flat prefix one for the phys dot. Also 1 resist needed

Longer term goal t2+ 3 resist incoming, and get rid of the flat ES so i can bench craft increased damage

Longer term goal need T1 life (have to remove armor first) and move speed, fixing the low cold res would be nice too

Waiting for more lifecrafts to bump up the life but it turned out pretty well.
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jackof8lades wrote:

Waiting for more lifecrafts to bump up the life but it turned out pretty well.

Your damage is missing some amulet
Some very good crafts you guys have!

My best crafts so far:

and dont mind the links lol, that chest wasent supposed to get 6 linked... so just leveling some stuff mostly in it :D
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