Harvest - Show Us Your Crafts

One thing seems obvious to me by looking at this thread: people claiming, that if you give people too much power they would get bored, are wrong :D
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Some are not finished yet others are.

What made the league so good for me was being able to craft stuff specially for my build like the boots or helmets.

Rings are finished, the amulet can still get more life but i have been somewhat unlucky with the life slams so ill leave it at this for now.
All in all pretty happy.

Edit: And the rest is now basicly finsihed, only some minor upgrades left(like lab enchant on boots) but not really worth going out of my way for for.

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some of the boots arent finished. this league is silly
Been having some fun crafting my belt and shield

Other fun side projects

Slowly getting better:
[quote="encore1809"]Have you tried not to die?[/quote]
Great gear! I actually enjoy this aspect of the league. Here are some new pieces:

And fixed my gloves a bit

still need to divine the qual
finally finished the EQ build, been nice to not buy any gear this league!

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