Harvest - Show Us Your Crafts

Last additions to my gear ;)
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Still works in progress

Looking to swap out the crit with global crit multi.
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I'm fairly happy about these. I think I'll miss Harvest crafting when it's inevitably gutted.

Had 3 x Shrieking Essence of Dread. Hit +2 arrows and damage over time on the 3rd attempt. Meta craft "Cannot Roll attack mods" and slammed for +1 skill.

Update on the staff. Couple of Crit augments and add/remove crit really turned out well for a crit divine ire build.

Made a new amulet since I swapped from Hierophant Supreme Ostentation to Inquisitor. Here's a step by step for anyone that wants to know.

1) Alt spam extra lightning or extra cold to amulet.
2) Regal.
3)Beastcraft "Add prefix, remove suffix" to remove any bad suffixes (ones that add attributes or item rarity usually).
4a) Remove attack / add attack to turn any attack prefixes into suffixes.
4b) Ensure one suffix is fire related. I personally used a resistance swapper.

At this point the amulet should have one extra damage prefix, and 2 suffixes one being fire related, one being attack related. There's many ways to get to this point, but the important part is getting to this point. An alternative point I forgot to note, if one of the 2 suffixes is crit Multiplier, you can keep it and proceed, ignoring the step about removing attack mods or adding caster mods.

From here there are several options.
5) Fill out suffixes with a random benchcraft. If you have a spare exalt, use "cannot roll attack mods" to make this much faster.
6) Augment Life (or defense if ES), followed by remove/add Life (or defense) until you have your desired roll.
7) Augment Cold/Lightning for whatever "Gain X" you didn't roll in step 1. If not "extra cold/lightning" damage, go to step 8.
8) Remove/add cold/lightning until you get it.
9) Remove/add fire until it's fire resist. You can repeat this step if you want a higher tier resist.
10) Resistance swap Fire to desired element. I personally wanted cold.
11) Remove attack to get rid of the attack suffix.
12) I used augment caster to roll on cast speed. Can use remove/add caster to get a higher tier.
13) Change benchcrafted suffix to whatever you want.
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Now i was ok with this, but i wanted to make a better one to really see how far i could push it.

I would say i succeeded.
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Other than uniques using only gear I crafted myself this league. Really like this harvest crafting and hope crafting in PoE goes permanently in such a direction.
My crafted trash

You have to look at this and tell me if it's not the sweetest shield you've ever seen for VD Spellslinger <3
[quote="encore1809"]Have you tried not to die?[/quote]

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