Toronto Gateway - preliminary testing and feedback

Thank you! Really looking forward to trying this out.
IGN: PortiaDeRossi
omg thankyou so much!
Fitzy_GGG wrote:

Did you get it working?

It should look like this?:

Sure did, my dumbness. I'll blame it on the 33C its been for the last week here.

Ping sitting in my Hideout is 13-16ms. When I do a map it might spike up to about 33 or so but then back down. I'm 35 miles across the lake from Toronto, with my gigabit cogeco cable internet.
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Been using the Toronto gateway for about 3 hours tonight. Very stable 12-20ms from North York and buttery smooth gameplay. Always a rare treat to have game servers hosted in Toronto.

Typically, I get about 45-50ms to WDC, 65-70ms to DAL, and 85-90ms to SJC, so this is a noticeable improvement. I'm sure this will also help minimize the impact of the occasional routing/tier 1 issues on Canadian players.

I've been dealing with the instance lag issues on WDC and DAL as has been reported in the tech support forum. Have not encountered the same issue in TOR so far. So far so good.

Was on the fence about supporter packs this league, but oh boy here I go spending again...
In SK, while only ~10 ms better hideout latency compared to DC, getting ~30ms better in maps (from ~75ms to ~45ms)

It's enough of a difference to be noticeable, especially with instant skills

idle HO - ping 54-55 jumps to 60


idle HO - ping steady 30

rogers cable if anyone cares
I suspect the routing for Rogers Cable customers is not as ideal as it could be. I will have to look into it further.
Decent improvement (it seems) for me from Ottawa on Teksavvy (Rogers Cable underneath). 25-40ms on both Toronto and DC, but Toronto seems spike less / not at all.

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