Toronto Gateway - preliminary testing and feedback


can you look into Bell Aliant's routing as well?

I know it's a routing issue because if I use my VPN and connect to a Toronto server my ping goes down to high 20s, but if I'm off the VPN i'm sitting at 40-45 (about the same as Washington)
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Cool. Any chance we will get one for western Canada or Alberta in the near future? The closest is Cali at the moment even with one in Toronto.

Currently sitting around 83 ping. seems stable.
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Some preliminary results:

I live around 50KM from the downtown core, ISP is Bell.

Typical Hideout Latency is ~45ms.
Using a Map (ran a cortex map, volatile dead spellslinger build for what its worth) I was seeing 40-70ms (occasional spike, averaging about 50ms).

MTR information for my connected server while in hideout:

It should be noted, and I am not entirely certain, but it looks like its hitting the Toronto-Chicago lines when that shouldn't really be necessary.

Typical expectations based on experience with other applications near the Toronto and Chicago datacentres (including Discord, Twitch - input and output, Blizzard's Games located in their Chicago Datacentre, etc.) are generally around the 15-30ms range depending on traffic.
Also having 40-45ish ping on Rogers Cable in Toronto, probably bad routing.
50-65+ Texas
40-50 on Toronto
25-40 Washington ---
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I reside in Toronto and am also using Rogers cable.

After observing my latency for a couple minutes in the Sacred Grove:

Washington: 25-55 ms with constant mini spikes from min value to max value
Toronto: 35-60 ms but more stable and hovered around 45 for the most part
Thank you so much GGG

I could get used to this, DC has been giving me issues all league.
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I’m in Toronto, on Rogers as well. Generally seem to hover around 45ms. Seems a bit higher than DC, but much more stable. A little stuttering here and there, but nothing too bad.

Very happy you’re doing this, GGG. Once you’ve got this dialled in properly, it’s gonna be huge for us Eastern Canadians!

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