[PS4] 3.11.1 Patch Notes

Highly doubt that anyone even reading these to be fair. i think they just going with it and slapping the Stash sale every time in the middle of your screen. Game crashes 50 times a day but HEY YOU BETTER BUY THOSE PREMIUM STASH TABS :D :D :D
Leveling a duelist, crashed 5 times already and I'm just at the end of act 3.
2 hours and 12 minutes of play.

The patch overall is great, but I knew that already from my pc friends. The crashes need to be addressed, not even fixed but addressed properly. There's no way we'll be content with "we're working on it". I would like it more if you maybe put out some of those brainstorm ideas you have mentioned before. If I play other games I don't get crashes so I refuse to restore factory settings every time a new league comes out.

Again I commend the effort and time you dedicate to even put this up on console, but I would appreciate more communication! And I'm sure most of us do, even if we seem frustrated.

Good luck fending off the pitchforks and fixing and identifying the crashes. Sadly I'm delaying buying mtx/tabs until I see some improvement.

Thank you again for the quick patch.
Died twice because of a freeze/crash in 30 mins of gameplay. Looks like the patch made it worse...
Getting tired of this league :(
Nothing done to fix the constant crashes! Way to go GGG! So we lose more time in league. This is awesome!
Keep crashing every 1-2 hours...Crashing in h/o, on maps, on sacred ground...
Sending hundreds of reports to nowhere...
Im done
I mean they solved those problem but they forget the most important one ... The game is freezing and lagging just by walking in my hideout cannot play the game at all thanks ggg for never fixing those freezing problem this 5 last season
So why is it that there has been zero fixed content with lag, beastmaster always lags when capturing and blue screens are non stop. But we got a chat to talk to in game. Remove the damn chat and hopefully the lag goes away
Try fixing delirium mirrors first, we are forced to skip content.
"Fix it soon becaise beong locked out of my wealth and my character puts a hold on me trading and bartering to increase my wealth"
Since I patched the game, the blades of bladefall are not targeted correctly by animate weapon so the build is useless for now. It is hope there will be a fix soon. :)
Bluescreen every 15 Minutes and u die because of that in 90% of the cases. It seems u guys dont want to make PoE viable on PS4. Every leaguestart the same problems. Even old problems are coming back, like i open my chest and oh i got a Bluescreen -.-

Fix it!

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