Infernal Cry Blade Vortex Chieftain. All Content SSF friendly in depth guide. Work in Progress

Infernal Blade Cry

A kinda similar version from someone else with great explanation. Sorry for not finishing the guide.

Morning guys Moorhuhn here.
This build focuses on clearing high end maps very quickly. To achieve this we scale tons of aoe and fire damage to blast the screen with infernal cry.
If you have any questions, ideas or anything else catch me live and just talk to me:

Build explanation
So first of all
What is the build about:
Current build overview:
Current Crafting overview

Content Played

The character did manage to take down Sirus A8 and all that comes prior

Infernal cry. Big Boom

Infernal Cry provides cool explosions. And those deal a shit ton of damage.
Because the damage of Infernal Cry is based on the enemy hp the scales only gets better. What this means is that you only have to push single target to pop one enemy and the map bosses.
Another great thing is, that the AOE is scaled by warcry aoe and general aoe which make the explosion quite... huge
The explosion chains up to 1.5 screens away and obliterates everything it paths through. Let it be red beasts, rogue exiles, beyond bosses or many map bosses even. Boom. Gone

Pro's and Con's

+ Good clearspeed
+ Clears t16 maps without gear
+ Very cheap to get started
+ Can be fully funded in ssf through div card farming
+ Great upgrade potential through plantcrafting
+ Somewhat tanky
+ Oneshots mapbosses randomly at times

- Decent single target up until endgame gear
- Not tanky enough for crazy 100% delirium t16 shenanigans
- Needs quite good gear to feel good against Sirus and other endgame bosses
- Fuck proximity shields

Skilltree and gearing

Get 2 skillpoints

Path of Building

The Path of Building is my actual character which is not entirely finished yet.
includes the current equip and what you are aiming for in the end.

Leveling trees are in the PoB. You can access them by clicking on the button at the bottom left.

Gear discussion

Current gear


1. Farm Porcupine cards
2. Use shrieking/deafening essence of woe
3a. Annul all prefixes but spell damage (Cost X Annuls)
3b. Check step 10 for prefixes as well
You need at least 1 open suffix and all other suffixes need to be either Cold, fire, lightning, chaos, life or attack modifiers.
4. If Annul hits spell damage repeat at 2
5. Farm the bathhouse seeds and get cold, fire, lightning, chaos, life or attack modifiers
6. Plant the seeds and get "Remove X get X" "Augment X" "Remove X" (You dont want remove Y get X) Store these in hortycrafts
7. Fill up to 2 suffixes with "add X" (Block add flat damage if you use "add cold/lightning/fire")
8. Craft "Cannot roll attack mods" (You gain this from the Plaguemaw V encounter) Cost 1 ex
9. Slam an exalt orb (SUFFIXES HAVE TO BE FULL) you now get +1 socketed gems. Cost 1 ex
10. Use your "Remove X" plants to get rid of the suffixes again
11a. (Cheap version) Craft t2 chance to deal double damage and be happy for now
11b. (Expensive version) Craft "Can have 2 crafted modifiers" (Cost 2 ex)
12. Craft "+2 level of socketed support gems (You get this from unveiling weapons from catarina the mastermind (Cost 2 ex)
13. Craft t1 Chance to deal double damage (Cost 1 Divine)
14. Craft Aspect of the spider (You get the mod from the rare einhar spider boss beast)
Bonus steps
-Synthesise your bow via t4 plants and pray to god
-Colour your item via plant crafting (You can more or less spam purple plants and use "Some colours that look good" to get your colours eventually

1. Base Amulet: (Ilvl82) Hunter+Elder
2. Alteration/Chaosspam: +1dex gems
3. Clean the suffixes with plant crafting (Remove for most. For life reg you can remove life add life to move life reg suffix to flat life prefix)(Same for accuracy and leech with attack mods)
4. Add fire resistance with crafting bench and augment fire
5a %fire t1 hit. Go to 8
5b %fire (t2+) / fire over time multi
6. Scour the crafted mod with bench
7. Clean the bad fire suffix with remove fire plant. Back to 4
9. Augment caster mod
10. Reroll caster mod till you hit cast speed t1 (You can roll the tier later if hit bad)
11. Craft dex (Or other mod you need aside from fire mods
12. Clean the bad prefixes with remove plant mods (defence or attack in most cases)
13. Augment fire twice
14. Remove attack mod for #fire to attacks / Remove phys for t2 phys as fire
15. 13-14 untill you hit phys as fire and Fire leech t1
Bonus Steps
16 If you prefer life over leech or gain leech from another source use add life remove life at 13 untill you hit t1 flat life

1. Get a warlord ring base of your choice (Ilvl 80+) (Opal or Vermillion is best)
2. Increase Elemental quality with Turbulent Catalyst to 20%
3. Use Essence of Hysteria for 10% phys as fire

Cheap and fast (Might miss life)
4a. Use "remove NON-FIRE add fire" untill the item has Flammability on hit, Increased fire damage and phys as fire
5a. Item might be full now. If you have "add # fire to attacks" you can remove that via "Remove attack modifier"
6a. Craft life or use "Augment life" and then "Remove LIFE add life" untill t1 life. Go to 8

More expensive but guarantees life
4b. Clean the item via "remove X" and craft
5b. Augment fire untill you hit Flammability and increased fire damage (You can not reroll fire damage for cheap)
6b. Item might be full now. If you have "add # fire to attacks" you can remove that via "Remove attack modifier"
7b. Augment fire for "# fire damage per endurance charge" or "chance to ignite & # fire damage against ignited enemies". When you hit "# fire to attacks" go to 6b

8. If you dont like fire resistance use "Remove fire resistance add cold/lightning resistance". Otherwise
9. Remove cold/lightning to get rid of resistance
10. Augment Caster for cast speed.
11. Remove/Augment life untill t1 life
12. Done

For the second ring you can basicaly do the same. The flammability is wasted but the ring still is very good

Gloves (I added life instead of unnerve because I can not read my own guide)
1. Get yourself a Fingerless silk glove base (Ilvl85) Warlord/Hunter EDIT: ILVL85
2. Alterationspam for Culling strike
3. Regal and hope for removable mod
4. Remove/add cold, lightning, fire untill you have Cull + resistances (You can craft dex to block if you need it later)
5. Augment caster for either spell damage or unnerve

6a. If you want spell damage augment caster twice
7a. Remove/Add caster untill spell damage t1
8b. Augment caster for Unnerve

6b. If you want much life remove/add caster till unnerve is the only prefix

9. Augment life
10. Remove/Add life untill you hit t1 life
11. Augment life for hybrid life
12. Remove defence add life untill hybrid t1
13. Done

1. Get yourself a Two-Toned boot (Ilvl86) Hunter base (Random base for cheap)
2. Alteration for 35% movespeed
3. Regal and hope for removable or desired mod
4. Remove undesired mod
5. Add a resistance via "remove X add X" on a crafted resistance
6. Augment speed or critical mod for tailwind
7. Craft dexterity if needed or add another resistance
8. Augment life and remove/add till t1 life
9a. Augment life for hybrid and remove defence add life till t1
10a. Remove/Add cold/lightning/fire for t1 resistances

If you don't want an immune to freeze flask
9b. Craft cannot be frozen
10b. Remove/Add lightning/fire for t1 resistances (Cold might remove the craft)
11. Done

For resistances I recommend cold and lightning since fire can be more expensive
due to fire damage over time hunter mod

1. Get yourself a Helmet base of your choice (Ilvl85) warlord
2. Use deafening essence of greed and hope for desired or removable mods
3. Remove undesired prefixes
4. Fill suffixes with cold/lightning res and something like dex
5. Augment fire for phys taken as fire
6. Remove fire add fire till t1 phys taken as fire
7. Clean 1 suffix
8. Augment fire for either fire res or reduce enemy fire resistance
9. If you hit fire res clean another resistance
10. Augment fire for reduce enemy fire resistance
11. Change around resistances and stats as you desire
12. Done

For belts you have many choices. Here is just one
1. Get yourself a stygian vise (Ilvl 84) Shaper (Leather belt for cheap)
2. Alteration for t1 Cooldown reduction
3. Regal and hope for desirable or removable mods
4. Clean undesired mods

If you dont need resistances
5a. Augment caster and remove/add caster till t1 spell damage during flask
6a. Augment caster for Cast speed during flask effect
5b. Augment caster for cast speed
6b. Augment speed for movespeed during flask effect

If you need resistances
5a. Craft resistances and swap them over via "remove X add X"

7. Augment and remove/add life for t1 life
8. Craft "Increased damage"

For some extra defence
9. Augment crit for "Reduced extra damage from critical strikes"

10. Done













Offensive Setups:


Defensive/utility setups

Auras and Buffs


Created leveling trees and gem setups for leveling
Below the skilltree you can select the tree for your current level.
In this pastebin you will find my personal favorite leveling uniques.






Other Guides:

Bladestorm Berserker

Thanks for reading

1. Changed (Spoiler) to (Spoiler="content") for all not colored spoilers
2. Added new builds and upgraded the PoB section
Clawbased supp + carry guide
Molten strike brightbeak nonsense guide
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Clawbased supp + carry guide
Molten strike brightbeak nonsense guide
Is this POB on the community Fork? I dont see any leveling trees
jtekco wrote:
Is this POB on the community Fork? I dont see any leveling trees

I did not have the time to put together a proper PoB yet. I will put more work into the guide this weekend.

Yes it will use the community fork.
Clawbased supp + carry guide
Molten strike brightbeak nonsense guide
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Thank you for the guide. Still leveling. I look forward to seeing updates on this as the playstyle is quite fun.
Sageone wrote:
Thank you for the guide. Still leveling. I look forward to seeing updates on this as the playstyle is quite fun.

There is a pob now available. It has leveling trees and stuff. Lacking gem setups and gear though
Clawbased supp + carry guide
Molten strike brightbeak nonsense guide
The POB pastebin is not working. Could you check the pastebin url
The POB pastebin is not working. Could you check the pastebin url This is the raw. The link works perfectly fine for me.
If you sill have problems copy the raw data and put it into build code to the left to import from pastebin
Clawbased supp + carry guide
Molten strike brightbeak nonsense guide
Tried it on HC terrible play. skip.
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