[ONLINE] my HSC chaos 2,5:1 your chaos HHC, my HSC EX 1:1 your HHC ex (250c stock, 2 EX)

I want to quit softcore and try hardcore so I want to transfer the rest of my chaos to hardcore.We can do small trades if you like.
I'd also really like all around currency(sextants,alterations,alchemy,scour,fossils...) in HHC to make my start in the league easier and I can trade the same in HSC or we could make an estimate of chaos worth for me to give you in Softcore.
Contact me in game:
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Last bumped on Jul 28, 2020, 1:15:36 AM
confirmed! trade all my exalted orb and maps
went first, traded 2+ ex, smooth trade
IGN = Brynndael (Warbands)
hey /w me when will you be online

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