Crafting Service *No Harvest Crafts*

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Recommended :)
Recommend fast and good service
crafted %increased life & mana w/ 4ex collateral
crafted my stave with remove / augment lightning.

He make it fast and give advice.

realy good service.

See you
recommended!!!!ty for craft
He craft my pure es vaal regalia,

again creat service, advice and crafting method.


Ty mate
thanks for the craft made , Trustwhorty !!!
Highly recommend bought the harvest craft remove and add life x2 and did two randomize life for me. He then traded me back the amulet he crafted along with the chaos to make up the difference since I paid with an ex. Great person +1.
Ign = touchmytreestrees
Super recommended! He did a few crafts for me! Trustworthy! I'll use again :)

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