[3.12 - HSC] 🟢 ALL Content carry service [stream viable] 💲 Discounts for regular customers 💲

Thanks mate for uber elder kill :)
IGN @nikmaos
got my deadly encounters and conditional shaper and chimera with him. cheap and smooth.
Got Shaper and UberElder Challanges on the first try, super worth and fast!
Got Waste Pool Challenge, Chayula and Simulacrum carry.
Could not have been any better.
Don't hesitate, he knows his stuff.
IGN: Salyore
Shaper challenge done, fast and clean :) I fully recommend this guy!
UAtziri and Shaper, fast and clean
Vaal Pyramid, done
Dig, done
Gardens, done

Waste pool, done
Desert Spring, done
Chimera 25 smoke, done
Shaper non basic, done

Uber Atziri, done
Uber elder, erased

Great service, strongly recommended
Used once more!

Reliable, fast and will use again for sure!
Uber Atziri boss kill. Fast and easy. Second time using their service this league.

done 5 way carry, fast and clean =)

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