[3.11 - HSC] 🔴 ALL Content carry service [stream viable] 💲 Discounts for regular customers 💲

Helped with uber atziri with no problem :)
Shaper WhithoutBeingHit-Challenge - fast , first try. Nice service.
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Helped me with kill shaper without getting hit. Nice calling system, got challange, paid after.
Also did Uber Atziri for me, paid after. Excellent service.
Nice guy, did uber lab, fast and safe!
Did no-hit shaper, just need to relog only once! 10/10, would re-do that again
Did uber atziri and uber elder, no problems, fast run.
Quick and Fast Uber Atziri
+2 carry

- Shaper not being hit
- Uber Atziri

Great service
Fast HoGM carry, thanks!
did for me Uberelder, uberAtziri and Shaper, included the challenge to not get hit.
can recommend.

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