[3.12] HEIST LL WINTER ORB/ ARC/ SPARK, 100M DPS + 90% all res | T19 100% Viable

3.12 UPDATE:

This build is stronger than ever before with the alternate quality on the Aura gems and the Vitality Aura Reservation Changes. I will be playing hardcore this league, and I will be playing a Guardian version due to it being more tanky. Crafting the rare boots and amulet will be a lot harder this league, but you will just be missing some defensive stats. It will be a lot harder to get the chaos res, so running a CI version with Saqawal's may be more optimal.

Feel free to come over to my stream at Twitch.tv/Kobeblackmamba to ask any questions about the build.

Will update rest of build as I go along.

Winter Orb Setup for Gear:


Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/0i8FXfMG

Winter Orb Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/mZWP5MtS

You will have to click through the cluster jewels to import all the jewels. I am not sure why Path of Building is bugged.

Different Skill Setups:

This build can use a large number of skills because any spell will get multiplied by an insane amount from all your auras. The skills I recommend are: Arc, EK, Spark, and Winter Orb. I have tried all these out, and I will list out the pros and cons below:

Arc: Great All around setup with decent single target damage. Clear is not as good as the other skills and requires you to be relatively close to do damage.

EK: Amazing Clear but mediocre single target, will rely on headhunter buffs for insane scaling due to the physical nature of the spell.

Slightly weaker than Arc/EK for beginner gear levels, however has great clear on certain map types where the spark can bounce around. Best skill for doing garden in Harvest.

Winter Orb: Best late game setup with fastest map clear. Respectable single target once your gear is insane. Overall best for infinite currency.

Crafting Gear:

Amulet: Use a marble amulet for extra regen. Get a Redeemer's Marble Amulet with reduced mana reserved on it. Get any shaper amulet with lvl 22 vitality. Use awakener orb on shaper amulet and then the marble amulet so you have an amulet with lvl 22 vitality and mana reserved. Then use harvest crafts with aug cold and remove colds to get ideally: damage penetrates 10% cold resistance and cold damage leeched as energy shield. use augment caster mod to get cast speed, and craft %es with the bench for your endgame amulet.

You need Projectiles Pierce 2 Additional targets from a hunter pair of boots. Use a redeemer's sorcerer boots and roll elusive on it. Use the Awakener orb on the hunter pair of boots and then redeemer's sorcerer boots to get a Sorcerer's Boot pair with Projectiles Pierce 2 Additional Targets and Chance to Gain Elsuive on Critical Strike. Then craft on Prefixes cannot be changed and use the Harvest Bench to Reforge Crit. By Reforging crit with prefixes cannot be changed you will guarantee the boot to have Elusive and Tailwind on it along with the Projectiles Pierce. At this point, you can choose to craft on Movespeed and Cannot be Chilled while using the Harvest Crafts to fill out the chaos resist. Lastly, use beastcrafting to get level 20 Aspect of the Avian Skill.

These are the two main rare pieces of gear and each item should cost less than 10 exalt to craft if done correctly.

Budget Gear Setup:

Helmet: Alpha's Howl with a cheap reservation enchant

Necklace: Rare necklace with Reduced Mana Reservation

Rings: Conversion Call of the Brotherhoods, focus on getting catalysts for near full conversion

Chest: 6-link shavs

Shield: Prism Guardian

Belt: Torrent's Reclamation or Crystal Belt/Stygian Vise

Boots: Tailwind Sorcerer Boots, can craft easily with Reforge Crit on Harvest Craft

Gloves: Maligaro's Virtuosity

Weapon: Nebulis with any good damage implicit

All this gear should be around 20 ex or less and should be a good baseline to start with. As you get better upgrade, you should gocus on getting the corrupts on the Call of the Brotherhoods to run more auras and trying to pick up more and more reduced mana reserved jewels. Eventually you want to switch over to Hands of the High Templar for empowered smite, but this means you have to get jewels with multi on it to make up for the Maligaro gloves.


Large Cluster Jewels: You will need 3 large cluster jewels. Need 8 passive skills, Vengeful Commander, Disorienting Display and any third passive skill that splits the cluster jewel so that you need the minimum amount of passive skill points to pick up the medium cluster jewel socket. You only need one disorienting display, so the other two large cluster jewels will have Vengeful Commander and Snowstorm.

End Game Option: Run 2 voices and 1 large cluster jewel

Medium Cluster Jewel: You will need 6 medium cluster jewels. You want to roll Replenishing Presence, First Among Equals, life regen, and chaos resist as the perfect medium cluster jewel. Depending on your mana reservation on your jewels, you might need the notables that give less reservations for certain auras. This is very flexible and should be adjusted based on your mana reservation.

Small Cluster Jewel: You will need 6 of these also. These will be jewels that are corrupted with reduced mana reservation. A good option is to use 3 Grand Spectrums and 3 cobalt jewels with energy shield and a damage mod with the reduced mana reservation corruption.

Miscellaneous Jewels: Hazardous Research for spark, Might of the Meek, Conqueror's Efficiency, Intuitive Leap, Transcendent Flesh (if no maligaro's), Unnatural Instinct

You can ask me questions on Twitch.tv/KobeBlackmamba . Streaming the build in delirious maps and trying to upgrade gear.
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I am getting an error when trying to import the POB
tsumeguhh wrote:
I am getting an error when trying to import the POB

yeah that link is broken so i imported it from his character:

I added your link to the build guide. I updated the gear on the build with the current one. For a budget version, I would consider using Prism Guardian and dropping some auras, mainly Heralds, Determination, and Grace. Another budget version could be to go CI and use Saqawal's chest. Let me know if you have any questions.
how do u level this one?
Easiest way to level is with storm brand and then swapping when you are like lvl 80+.
so u just level as a spellcaster and completely respec at higheer level?
what is the lowest budget to get going?
interested but not sure how much to get started in this league, thz dude

tried different types of 5 herald last league
Best Belt option while saving up for HH? I pretty much have the rest of the gear or can buy it now.
nglengjai wrote:
what is the lowest budget to get going?
interested but not sure how much to get started in this league, thz dude

tried different types of 5 herald last league


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