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Week 1, Day 1: Meeting the High Templar and Preparations

As per the High Templar’s request, I’ve begun recording this journal to document another expedition of Wraeclast. I am Captain Enkytalai Immenos, leader and commander of the legion named, “The Stalwart Brothers”. This report will be written by my steward, Vaspir Tiranius. I am not one for the written word. I speak with my faith and I write the word of God with my sword arm.

I had received a direct invitation to Dominus’ laboratory, and upon seeing the High Templar himself, I was in awe. As I entered his laboratory, I could feel the room thrumming with gifted power. A High Templar is God’s chosen, and Dominus is the breathing embodiment of providence. I must have been standing in the doorway for some time, gaping at the intensity of Dominus’ artifacts lining the walls. Dominus’ pitying chuckle broke my spell of amazement. I had not known High Templars had a sense of humor, equal parts reassuring and terrifying.

“You stand at the precipice to unimaginable power, Captain Enkytalai,” Dominus began. “And yet you do not enter, you gaze in wonder.” Dominus’ mask showed no emotion, a blue-faced God that betrayed nothing of the man underneath, if there was still a man underneath.

“I am a man of duty, High Templar,” I replied, truthfully. “It is my duty to serve the faith and remain hopeful to bear the utterings of God’s whispers.”

“And to whom are these whispers uttered?” Dominus asked, without hesitation. We both knew the answer, but a man must speak the truth a thousand times to prove his devotion.

“The High Templar,” I said, confidently. “I am yours.” I stood tall as the first trial was over. I was certain my worth had been proven. Dominus walked close and placed his gloved hand upon my shoulder. I swear his hand vibrated with power. I could feel it over the trembling of my fear. Such power in the palm of his hand, unreleased but waiting.

“Such devotion,” Dominus finally said. “A man who knows his place within his faith is a man who will reap eternity. Come and sit, Captain. We have things to discuss.”

We spoke for many hours about Wraeclast and my legion’s previous expeditions. Dominus told me to speak from my heart and faith, and he remained silent as I spilled countless memories. I told the High Templar about our raids on Ngamakanui and other forgettable Karui dwellings, back before I commanded my own legion. I remember Templar Avarius, leading our legion named “The Bloodied Storm”. Memories that I thought I had forgotten sparked brightly again in my mind. We were leading a train of Karui to the beaches, and a Karui boy broke the line. I saw him trying to eat a sprig of grass sprouting from the sands. The anger burned hotly in Templar Avarius’ eyes as he ran the boy down, trampling him over and over until the bones snapped no more. My voice broke as I spoke then, but Dominus took no notice, none that I could see. Is compassion blasphemous? Perhaps he took it for disgust. Either way, I’m not in shackles. God’s Chosen is merciful.

Dominus’ unmoving mask draws something out of a man, a truth, a nakedness that compels you to reveal all. I believe I have committed no blasphemies by Templar Law, but I found terror in my throat as he sat there. He was a listening statue, weighing and judging, and I was just a man speaking to a God. For all my success in battle, I had been defeated by Dominus’ overwhelming silence. I felt as small as a boy again, trying to please my father who only noticed when his bottle ran empty. After I could find no more words, Dominus spoke again.

“A naked tome holds no surprises,” he said slowly. “And what I’ve read will suffice.” Dominus pulled down the scarf that veiled the lower part of his mask, revealing a hard mouth that frowned. He pulled a bottle from behind the desk and placed it on the table, followed by two small glasses. “Serve us,” the High Templar commanded.

I grabbed the bottle eagerly, but carefully. The glass of the bottle was ocean green, and reminded me of the Brinerot plunderings two winters ago. A bitter memory. I had hoped the bottle’s contents would be sweet enough to drown it. It seemed as though black blood spilled from the bottle. The taste sour and earthy. I watched the High Templar drain his cup, the glass tinging softly off the lip of his mask. He covered his mouth again with his scarf, hiding his eternal frown.

Dominus began informing me of the means of the upcoming expedition. “Tell me, have you heard of sulphite?” He asked, and I nodded. Even with base education, Oriathans knew sulphite meant power, but no more. He explained that there had been issues with the mines, and that miners and Karui slaves had been deserting, or disappearing. “Power requires fuel,” he said sternly. “And power holds everything together. Deserters and dissenters must be found, put before the courts, and punished. You must go to Wraeclast once more. Establish a base of security within the mines. Secure the fuel so that power may reign. In His name.”

My task lay before me and I committed myself to it. Dominus ushered me out after providing me with details and assurances that I would not want for supplies. He handed me a coin, inscribed with a "D".

"This will pay for all that you require," Dominus assured.

“Faith perseveres, High Templar,” I said, pocketing the precious coin.

“Faith perseveres, Captain,” he recited. “Do not fail God, and He will not fail you.” The door shut slowly, and I headed back to my barracks.

I will inform the rest of the men tomorrow. The Stalwart Brothers will not fail the faith. Dominus gave me a token of his office, and I’m brimming with excitement as I hold it in my hand. I’ve been chosen by God’s chosen to enact his will. Preparations will be made. We will be ready for what awaits us. Now, I believe my steward deserves a rest, I’m sure his hand is tired by now. The next report will be made when we set sail again for the forsaken continent of Wraeclast.

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I found random inspiration with "Wraeclast Expeditions" and this is the first part of that. If there's interest I'll continue with a series of The Stalwart Brothers exploring the Azurite Mines.
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