Ilvl 83 Harbringer Help


new to the game, im trying to craft a bow for my deadeye tornado and ended up with this. Can someone please help me what to do? :)

Is it possible to get new values with divine orb, or is it just crap? :)


Brood Branch
Harbringer bow
q: 27%
Phs.dmg: 135-333
Crit: 8,55%
APS: 1,2
ILVL: 83
50% Crit
28% phys. dmg.
Adds 21-46 phys. dmg.
21% crit
18% global crit multi.
682 accuracy

Last bumped on Jul 19, 2020, 4:51:42 PM
Press Alt button when viewing the item.....
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