Suggestion for new type of skin transactions.

I like to play a lot of SSF and to be honest I find most skins kinda cool looking but clashing with the idea of the game. I like the idea that new gear changes the look of my heroes. Which is why I've only ever bought one supporter pack out of just pure loyalty and rest has been stash tabs and whatever small stuff I could offer with whats left with credits. So here's my suggestion:

Alternate skin packs for already existing armor and weapon pieces in the game.

So in short, more visual variety to the common items you find in the game. Like maybe theres 3 different looking Plank Kite shields, the normal one, slightly different looking one with barnacles on it, maybe a nailed piece of metal on top as a 3rd option. Or that Nightmare Bascinet having 3 variations of different kind of twisted faces decorating the helmet.

Doesn't have to be drastic changes, simply minor variations, something a 3D-modeler can do in few hours to a couple of days. It would make characters look more varied and different throughout every stage of gameplay. Thats a skin pack I would buy, more visual variation in these type of games is always good.
Last bumped on Jul 9, 2020, 8:33:19 AM

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