💎 Arcane Escape 💎 (Glacial Hideout)

Stupid intro note [don't bother reading if you are here for the hideout and not for my QQ]:
Hello guys,

I am a casual PoE player who thoroughly enjoys decorating and playing with various visuals (in PoE and all the other games that I've played and have a housing function).

I've been away from Path for the past year, due to my laptop being super bad. That makes it hard for me to play and enjoy the game, as every movement or battle is a fight against the 2fps gods.

Now I've decided to give it one more go, before my laptop burns out completely. (and literally)

For this hideout, I've tried my best to create something beautiful and with a soothing atmosphere, while battling the lowest of the low graphic setting. I can literally count the pixels on my screen lol.

So I hope that you enjoy it, and if there is anything that I can work / improve on, I am open to any constructive criticism.


Hideoutshowcase link: https://hideoutshowcase.com/hideout/show/1773


Edit: I might edit this post/ make some adjustments later, to enhance readability.
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Looks very nice, I like that it's kept in blue/green tones!
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Iangyratu wrote:
Looks very nice, I like that it's kept in blue/green tones!

Thank you very much! ♥

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