Armor aesthetics and map device suggestions

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game. I have for many years and will continue to do so. I always have positive things to say about this game and I've actually recruited friends to start playing. The following is constructive criticism not hate. I know the devs and everyone have been getting a lot of hate lately. First I want to say thank you for what ALL of you do. During this pandemic, you guys could have easily but everything on hold and just extended 3.10. but you didn't. You soldiered on and gave us a new league with a whole crafting system we've never seen before. Sure, 3.11 has had its issues but what game doesn't? You guys have been pretty prompt on updating and fixing the issues.

My ONLY issue (even over stash tabs, which I completely understand) is I wished the gear IN-GAME looked better. I understand that this is a free-to-play game and the armor MTX is another way for GGG to bring in money. I don't want that to stop.

But, honestly, the in-game gear is so ugly and flat. It looks like you went behind an armorer shop and just took whatever gear you can find out of the dumpster. No part of wearing in-game gear makes you feel that sense of POWER. You only get that feeling if you spend $42-$80 USD! That's a LOT of money, even outside of the pandemic. It's pretty bad when the NPC's look better than anything you can put together with in-game gear because it's the stats we're chasing, but we have to look at this clown ass gear for HOURS and HOURS... and half the time the splash art for armor looks WAY cooler than when you put it on

Also, and I think a lot of people might not like this, but there is a serious lack of femininity with gear, in-game or MTX. If you play a scion, witch or range and you put any gear on, you can 100% tell that no effort was really put into how the armor would fit on the female character models. They literally look baggy and just too big. I am a woman, and I don't want to "over sexualize" anything, but it would be nice if chest armor contoured the chest. Think of the breastplates worn by battle maidens during the Viking era. Also, robes that don't look like damn choir robes.
I think that's the ONLY thing D3 has over PoE, they make their armor look cool af and let you customize your gear. You could make better-looking gear but then sell dye packs as an MTX and allow players the option to customize and have a little more armor diversity, instead of everyone looking the same.

One suggestion I do have, outside of armor aesthetics, is to have the ability to access your map tab from the map device. I actually suggested this on Reddit a few months bad and got shot down. Now, we see the functionality of accessing your stash from The Sacred Grove. This now opens up the possibility of accessing the map tab. You could literally use the same icon from the Grove and have it on the map device. Or make it gold to match the map device theme. It would be a nice QoL to look at your maps while at the device instead of having to open on the device then run to your stash and back to the map device. God forbid your stash isn't right next to the map device lol XD

If you disagree I understand. Please no hate. If you'd like to have a friendly discussion then great. 2020 has been a hard year for everyone, let's be kind to one another :)
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