Looking for enjoyable leveling builds

Looking for builds that are 0 chaos (console trading is crap) has few button presses (console has a subpar UI) only 2 flasks at most (because I’ll get killed if I try to use any flask not slotted in L1 or R1)
Prefer if it uses an early skill or transitions easy from an early skill
I have tried dozens of build but don’t find leveling them fun enough to even complete the campaign (I know the game picks up once you get to maps but the campaign is long and i don’t want to play not fun builds that long)

TLDR: I want an enjoyable leveling build to get to and through maps must be Console Friendly

PS: I’ve tried all of Wrecker’s builds the RF build looked fun but has no leveling viability
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Just try out all skills and see what works best for you/looks fun.

Blue skills gem are easy/friendly to league start, you dont need good gear for them to work, only links. So i recommend witch for 10act run.

Once you find skill gem that works with your playstyle/needs find indepth guide on the internet if you want to learn more about passive tree/gear/something.

If you dont want to do any of above just pick ED trickster lol

P.s. if you are having problems with flask managment try focusing picking life nodes on the passive tree.
"Fix it soon becaise beong locked out of my wealth and my character puts a hold on me trading and bartering to increase my wealth"
What was wrong with the wrecker trigger happy build? I was thinking about trying it
The chaos spellslinger builds are pretty console friendly and super budget. They level quickly as well. Damage starts falling off in later tier maps and bossing isn't very good.
Theres really two ways to go that will make leveling and end game allot easier for new players, juggernaut and any of the slam skills or duelist glad with max block spell block. Using the new armour es shield which you can start using I think at level 30 will get you into maps and you can use any number of good melee bleed skills such as laserate or blade flurry or both since blade flurry destroys bosses, also you can find plenty of build guides on here or on youtube or google.
DFA1 wrote:
What was wrong with the wrecker trigger happy build? I was thinking about trying it

Nothing wrong with trigger happy for me at least and have had no issues with it to 84 so far on ssf. My only problem this league is sustaining maps in SSF, which is not at all build related but just my bad rng.

I have no hesitation recommending it if you like the sound of it.

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