[3.12] Elemental Hit Wander (Assassin) | 40mil+ DPS | Durable | Screenwide Clear

I'm planning to deviate from this build quite a bit, but I'm not sure how well this is gonna work yet.

I've laid my eyes on https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Admiral which gave me an idea to use EE, it's pretty far away and would waste 2 stats on Xoph's for example and I'm not even sure if I understand the mechanic correctly yet, but it feels like it's working out pretty well.

For the ele hit + barrage i'll probably try to get a good frostferno corrupt.
I doubt it'll be better than the recommended setup even with heavy investments but it's fun to try out new stuff.
So, I switched to this build from Discharge around level 70 (Currently in 3.12 Heist). I'm still -very- early on in the gearing process, i have at most 30c into the build, half of which was the Tabula.

My initial thoughts for anyone curious are that this is easily a build you can start early on and play w/ minimal gear. Obviously you have a few hard requirements, like the EH Jewels, which were 1c each, and Piscators which was 1c. I bought a level 20 EH gem for 4c, to help with my clear and am running Yellow maps without any issue.

Here is my priority order if you are leveling this build as a starter

EH Jewels (no cold, no lightning) (1c)
Piscators (1c)
Soul Tether (1c)
Pyre (1c)
Tabula/Random 6 link (farm or buy for ~8-12c)
Large Cluster Fire Jewel with Smoking Remains (1c) (Noticeable survivability increase, smoke cloud OP)
lvl 20 EH Gems (4c each)

With those items I'm clearing up to T8 with no problem, haven't had an issue w/ the Conquerers yet. Hp is low, but with Acro/Phase Acro as long as you don't try to face tank stuff its fine. If you see IC go off, you need to move.

Mana sustain is a problem early on, so make sure you take Mind Drinker somewhat early.

My next goal will be the Xoph's Necklace, followed by the gloves with Proj/Ele Weakness.

Enjoying this build so far!

Rerolled from ED/C to this pretty early, around the 3rd day of the league, with about 2 ex to my name.

Currently have about 12 or so ex invest and POB showing about 9m without accounting for culling, or nearby enemies.

Able to get to over 10m with about another 2ex invested and at that point I'll probably call it good for now.

A bit squishy if you get hit, but with the amount of dodge it's pretty safe.

Overall, highly recommend, killed my first Sirus (A5) with it using 3 portals.

Current POB - https://pastebin.com/1sghvis9
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Why hypothermia when we do fire damage?
Because Cold damage is converted to Fire.

Try changing Hypothermia with any other support gem in PoB.

katrocitus wrote:
Why hypothermia when we do fire damage?
is the build hc viable ?
It might be HC viable because we have vaal pact and a loot of leech, but I don't think this is the best build for HC.
Hello, i like your build and tried follow it as close as i can. But due to not finding min/max items as you have in your build, im going as close as i can. Still im miles away to the DPS you do. If you have the time, mind taking a peak, and give me some hints? https://pastebin.com/xCNzk7RQ

Regards /Z

NVM, found my stupid error! :D

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Please, tell us what was your error for the rest of us to learn from it! Thanks.
rsckiller1 wrote:
is the build hc viable ?

No. it caps out at 4k health with insanely expensive gear. While you -could- possibly, i wouldn't recommend it.

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