Time to start demanding an MTX transfer!

GGG Team, the amount of people that literally cannot play this game on console after getting to maps has gotten rediculous. I think it is time we get the option of an mtx transfer to pc version. Or a refund if GGG refuse that option.

Here are links to 3 videos I took on ps4 from after the 3.11.1 patch to 'improve performance'

This one speaks for itself, 10 sec desync and brutal audio glitch. WARNING LOUD AUDIO. https://youtu.be/Lr5AU0eiGgE

These next two are taken 10 minutes apart after I had a bluescreen and had to reload back into the game. These are actual load times for the Oceania server. https://youtu.be/SBpFubVqEsA

Just for reference I am running a ps4 slim, 25mbit ethernet connection, regularly clean internal fans, have a samsung evo ssd installed, have a customised shelf to allow for greater heat extraction(with ps4 raised 2 inches for max airflow), reinstalled game before harvest, no screenshake or reverb, and rebuilt the hdd in safemode before the 3.11.1 patch.

And this is all only to play POE on PS4 and it is still not enough! There is no other ps4 game that ruins hardware like this.

These videos are only a small portion of the lags, desyncs and bsod I have gotten and a tiny fraction of what the entire community experience. FIX. YOUR. GAME. Or warn players who want to play leagues that they are beta testers before theyve forked out $100's of hard earned cash.
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I've timed coming back into the map when I crash. 2 minutes. Don't have an SSD. It's ridiculous, most of them I just take a break, last one was 2 days.
I feel like a victim of a bait and switch tactic. Get you into the game for free, charge you for stash tabs, charge you for cosmetics, charge you to be able to use trade... and at first it seems ok, because you're still in the acts where there aren't hundreds of on screen effects happening at the same time. You start to learn the game, love the crafting, flexibility, start climbing the massive learning curve and it's great.

Then you start figuring out how to do stuff. You get to maps, you start learning about juicing maps, and all of a sudden the buyer's remorse sets in, as you start to learn that you can't play the endgame as it was designed to be played because it's just going to crash, over and over, and over. And if it doesn't crash you are going to experience the 5-15+ second screen freezes where the game continues to run, but you can't do anything except click the revive option when it finally unfreezes and you are dead.

Dump dozens of chaos into maps to try to get the juicy good stuff, only to lose the map when the entire server system dumps.

I'll be honest, I absolutely LOVE this game. I love the complexity. I love learning new tips and tricks to better optimize how I'm spending my hard earned currency. But... my enthusiasm is falling off a cliff. What's the point of putting in all the time and effort to get to higher tier end game, only to know the gamble isn't in what currency or items you are going to get, but whether or not you are even going to be able to finish the map.

I've given up trying to level. I had a goal of reaching 100 for a character after my first season (Metamorph), But after the metamorph 1 shot boss freezes, the nightmare delirium lag, and the harvest increased random crashes, I've just given up on that goal. I just know when I hit 90-93 anything extra is just luck. Because no matter how many times you know the boss fight, some random spider is going to kill you in a lag spike.

Then you go on the forums to try to find out how other players are coping with these issues, only to see that nobody can. That these issues have been going on for years, that there doesn't seem be any ability to fix them. And suddenly I hear the giant flushing sound of the money I put into this game.

I started watching streamers on PC, and the difference between PC and Console version isn't even comparable. But alas, I'm not going to dump my money back into recreating a PC character. So I guess we console players are just screwed. I can promise one thing. Although I strongly supported this game since I started playing, I won't be spending a single cent more. And I can't recommend to any new players enough to do the same, because you will only regret it later.

At this point, other than fixing the console problems, which I reserve little hope for, the only solution that seems acceptable is for GGG to suck it up and offer an optional character transfer service for anyone willing or able to move to PC version. I would even be happy surrendering every single item I have ever picked up in game, just transfer the tabs, cosmetics and other MTX already invested. Because if the console version isn't fixed, there isn't going to be a POE console version, just a bunch of empty servers when people have finally had enough that they just will stop playing and move on to something else.
I made the decision that I am not supporting this game financially any longer. If GGG doesn't want to invest in their players experience I will not invest in their company. It's as simple as that. The more players who realize this the better. Furthermore, what products do they sell that actually have value aside from they stash space purchases that have been designed to be 100% necessary to play?(and are further reinforced each league by adding currency or other items that cannot be stacked to chew through what reserves you have{i.e. Delirium:orbs, scarabs, incubators,etc. Harvest: hordicrafts}. Cosmetic armors and skill MTX make performance worse. It is not a smart investment. And its clear they lack basic business understandings to know that console port will never reach fiscal goals without proper investment first. I can outline three of they most likely scenarios: 1. Console is not profitable, sales to not warrant additional investment. 2. Console is extremely profitable in its current finacial model/investment. 3. It is beyond the capacity of the developers at GGG to devlope UI/menus that are viable for console and beyond the capacity of their coders to downscale resolution of details so that a stable framerate is in reach.
I have supported this game, both on PC and console because I believe GGG deserve the aforementioned for putting out an amazing game. I won't spend another cent though. The performance on console, the way issues have been handled and the non-response forum posts have necessitated this.

I have leveled 5 characters this league only for their viability to diminish as the level of map-tier increases. Delirium on anything above T6-8 is nigh on impossible. Syndicate spawn, instant death as the game freezes as it loads in the dialogue and character models, fx etc.

My last character, a BiS CoC Assassin was so unplayable due to desync on cyclone that I could barely stutter through T10 maps.

It's just not good enough. The leagues are too close together and I would highly recommend taking time off from a league to fix existing issues. Good will only persists for so long before frustration decimates a dwindling console fan base.

Off to level another character as the one I am currently playing has hit the map-tier to survival threshold.
I would buy two supporter packs today if they would let me transfer all my mtx from console to pc, but as it is now I will not suuport this game at all. They haven't updated the faq on the console forum in 3 years. It has many features on it they are supposedly working on but the only one they have added in three years is chat.
Didn't read the small print did you? Wait until they release the next gen consoles this will all get deleted lol.
Didn't read the small print did you? Wait until they release the next gen consoles this will all get deleted lol.

What does that even mean? "This will all get deleted"?

You may want to put a bit of context into your sentencing, just saying.

Are you talking about having different servers on next gen? Yeah, that's kinda a no brainer and I am almost positive NOBODY thinks their shit will get carried over as it will be technically PoE 2

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