My way to say thank you to the community part 1(MTX Combination)(Fire)(Demon Marauder)

Hello and Welcome Gamers,

Here u can find the pictures of the (MTX Combination):
Here u can see the MTX i used to create this Demon:
Helmet Attachments:
-Bent Horns
-Fiery Visage
Helmet Skin:
-Infernal Skull
Armour Attachments:
-Deicide Wings
Armour Skin:
-Gargoyle Body Armour
Gloves Skin:
-Gargoyle Gloves
Boots Skin:
-Gargoyle Boots
Character Effect:
-Fire Character Effect
-Fire Footprints Effect
Weapon Skin(Two-handed Sword, Axe or Mace):
-Radiant Blade
Weapon Effect:
-Fire Weapon Effect
Oopsie, looks like some pet run into me on first picture i will fix it soon.
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