Why am I dying constantly?

What changes have been made recently that keep causing me to die almost instantly? I keep getting affected by some symbol above my character that looks like a bloody spirit man and monsters seem to explode causing me instant death. I can't find what this detrimental effect is or how to counter it. It's not on any particle map, mine, etc., it's everywhere. And not caused by any particular mobs.

So what the hell developers? I can't manage to level beyond 87 now thanks to this, and the warlords have become impossible now. I'm about ready to quit, this isn't fun any more thanks to this.
Last bumped on Jul 24, 2020, 3:34:58 AM
I don´t think this is the case, but I ask or just throw out this anyways:
Have you checked your Resistances lately and what are they?!

Ask yourself and check that. Maybe it turns out....

Anyway, just mentioning it and throw it out there.
First off are you playing evasion/dodge or armour/block, do you have max resists, flasks that remove curses, bleeding etc. The fastest way to die is to ground effects that do over time damage, I tend to run with boots that have either immune to burning ground or immune to poison and get a jewel for my tree with bleed immunity and run flasks. One thing to remember as you level up the stats you had before also need to continue to increase otherwise they slowly become less effective, such as eva or armour, I started at level 70 with 90 physical resist and at 93 Im lucky to have 70 with the same stats, get a granite flask too, even as an evasion character they give you 3k armour and do decrease the damage you take.

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