Terrible frame rate even more abysmal than crashes

So I attempted a vivd t4 seed today on PS4, and of course, for the entirety of the fight the game was in a constant 5-10 fps, and the boss I believe goes invisible or something and then it reappear out of nowhere and one shots you, and it is basically impossible to dodge at 5fps, and I’m not exaggerating whatsoever. Anybody could say the same who has also attempted any t4 seed. When I came back after dying, the game went to literally 1 frame per second when I spawned it I the grove and I was instantly killed, because for some reason the enemies can go up right onto the portal and wait for you to spawn in and one shot you. Last league, the performance only got really bad when you did like more than 3 delirium orbs in one map, which is pretty endgame worthy stuff so that’s understandable, but harvest stuff literally has quests for it and even t1 seeds will lag to 15-20 fps which is just ridiculous as new players are going to be experiencing it as soon as they start playing. If any other game dev saw this first hand I guarantee they would be absolutely disgusted that this ever released. I mean come on, literal 1 fps gameplay.
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PS4 or PS4 Pro?
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Auradinho wrote:
PS4 or PS4 Pro?

PS4 slim which I believe is the weakest model
Same here basically.

Tonight i have lost a whole (24) T2 seed farm. I just couldn't kill them because the framerate was so low it was not only unplayable but also crashed the game twice. Same goes when trying to juice up some maps, the consoles can't handle so many mobs and action going on.

I have actually reached a point where i m questionning the whole purpose of keeping on playing POE on PS4 since end game content is out of reach due to performance issues.

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I've hung it up for this league. You never know what you're going to lose progression wise anymore. To me it's not worth the hassle and frustration trying to play a game that you want to relax and have fun with. Here's hoping for a better performing port soon.
GGG should just admit the console version needs to make more compromises so it can run well with a stable 30 fps and no crashes. Trying to squeeze the PC version onto consoles isn't working.

I wouldn't mind a ugly slightly simpler version of PoE on consoles in return for a better and more stable performance. Alas the console version is an afterthought and designed as another revenue stream but at this rate people will dump PoE and play something else.
Turn sound effects down to minimum.

It's not the ideal way to play but it runs far, far better this way. Currently playing a zombie/spectre/skeleton summoner (so have been seeing a LOT of lag due to all of the extra load of my minions) and any encounter such as Legion, Breach, Incursion, etc would drop me to 1-2 FPS, especially when I pop those Vaal Skeletons. Playing with sound effects off, I can maintain a good 20-30 FPS during those busy encounters on my original gen PS4.

The item filter I'm using (Filterblade) still procs audio for almost all filtered drops so I don't miss out on items by doing this, just be wary of NPC interaction as you don't get that audio cue if something starts wailing on you.

GGG: please either limit the number of concurrent audio effects or even better, give us the option to set this on a sliding scale. IMHO this is the single biggest issue with the game on PS4 but it does seem to be easily fixable by allowing us some additional audio controls.
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Ps4 pro ssd still crashes way too much come on ggg

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