Join the Conflux League Harvest-SC! FREE ENTRY, no mods, prizes, full duration of Harvest

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Welcome to the first season of Conflux League, a Softcore Private League running for the duration of Harvest!

Conflux League is intended for players who would like to experience Path of Exile inside a small community, with no bots and a smaller economy. There are no additional mods to make the game more challenging; the only goal is to escape from the inflated, bot-ridden economy of regular leagues. If you feel like your PoE accomplishments are less meaningful when you are lost in the middle of the crowd in a regular league, this private league is for you.

Although this is the first season of the league, I intend to create more seasons for future leagues if this proves to be successful.

To see an overview of the league and request to join, visit the League Page.

*Notice: There may be times when there aren't slots for new players available. Requesting to join through the link above during such times will place you in a waiting list. More slots become available by either additional internal crowdfunding or inactive players leaving the league or being removed. In either case, please be patient as we try to make new slots available.

To encourage activity in the league, I will be giving out points to use in the MTX shop based on completing leveling challenges (GGG allows gifting points by sending an email to support).

The prizes are:

- The first five players to reach level 95 with any character will receive 50 points.
- The first player to reach level 100 with any character will receive 100 points.

There are no more prizes available!

The winners were:
vrbz_goagane won 50 points for reaching level 95 on July 16!
MycashPrimalTrollFiesta won 50 points for reaching level 95 on July 20!
Tera_Poison won 50 points for reaching level 95 on July 23!
HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH won 50 points for reaching level 95 on July 24!
Oshibao won 50 points for reaching level 95 on July 24!
Oshibao won another 100 points for reaching level 100 on August 14!

NO RULES regarding builds, classes or activity
Everyone is free to play any way they like, either party or solo, with any build or class they prefer. There are no minimum activity requirements, although activity is encouraged through the distribution of prizes (see above).

I'm providing 1 month of running time starting on July 12, with the intention to extend until the end of Harvest if the league proves to be successful, as well as initial space for 10 players. Additional player slots are being crowdfunded as the demand for them appears, so contributions for that are appreciated after you join.

Due to how GGG has set up private leagues, only league members can crowdfund, after they have already become members. So if you joined, other people paid for your slots. If you are able, please return the favor by contributing towards slots for players who come after you when those crowdfunding campaigns are running.

If you joined with the intention to reserve a slot, but later decided not to participate, please leave the league. I do have the ability to remove idle players and will do so from time to time, but it helps if you are mindful of the slot you are occupying.

We maintain social and trading interactions through the league's Discord server as well as the global chat at /global 1207. The Discord server is

Players can use their premium stash tabs to list items for sale, and those will appear in the official Path of Exile Trade site by choosing Conflux League [HSC] in the league dropdown menu. The Discord and ingame chat can also be used for trading.
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Hi, really keen for a little private league :)

Hate the state of the bot-ridden economy full of flippers.

Would be happy to pay small amount of points to open up new slots for more players :)

Me and a friend would like to join today, planning on extending to 30/30 currently?
Hi guys, thanks for the interest in the league! Everyone is more than welcome to join as long as people keep contributing to crowdfund more player slots.

I'll keep starting new +10 crowdfunding campaigns as long as there are people in the waiting list, so feel free to click the entry link and if you can't join immediately, just keep an eye out for the next availabity of slots. Remember that you can crowdfund after you enter to help more people get in, if you are able!
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Hi everyone! Just a reminder to anyone who has joined or will join that our Discord server is While participation on the Discord is not mandatory, it's the best place to keep up with what's happening in the league, interact with other players, trade, etc.!
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Just wanted to let everyone know that the Conflux league is still active, with players enjoying the last bit of Harvest and making plans for the next league :).

Come have fun with us in the final month of the current league, get to know the community and get ready for the next season in September!
Looking forward to playing Heist on Conflux league! Thanks for the organizing :)

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