[PS4] 3.11.1b Patch Notes

3.11.1b Patch Notes

PS4 Specific:

Fixed a bug which could cause client freezes.
Fixed a bug which could cause animate weapon to not affect lingering blades.

It's ok. They found both of the 2 PS4 bugs. Now it's gonna run great I bet!

Btw, dont forget about our stashtabs sale! Buy yourself an amazing delirium orb tab to store delirium orbs that when used on a map have a 50/50 chance of crashing your game.

Stay sane.....Exiles? Where have you gone? Who will tend the gardens now.....?
This is becoming such a embarrassment.
They should stop charging or releasing MTX on PS4 until the game is stable.

OK if a game crashes like once a week or once a month.
But crashing every 2/3 hours?
Can this be acceptable?

This game might be free to play,
but I for once spend quite a lot in it.
And there is no way to get a refund now.

Game is great when it runs.
This league is borderline broken and it does not respect the money I spend in it or my time.
Greetings all,

A few points I'd like to mention and I'm sure many will agree.

1) I spend a lot of time in the game,... too much
2) I love the game, I can't stop playing
3) I spent a lot of money on the game because I genuinly feel that GGG deserves the money (and I need to look good when I play yo!)
4) It crashes too much

Without exaggerating it crashes about once every two hours when it's having a good day. And I've had it crash once every fifteen minutes on a bad day.

I would gladly sacrifice one year worth of new leagues and even PoE 2 to just have the game run without crashes. (nobody cares about a crash every month, everybody knows what I mean)

Every damn PS4 PoE player :P
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See my post here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2904853

As of the last patch (3.11.b), my PS4 has been crashing within the first or second map I run. This is too unstable for me to play any more....really unfortunate since I enjoy this game quite a bit.
Guys nothing will get fixed NOTHING they don't care about the console port the only way that this can be fixed is if WE STOP playing this s**t literally!!!

I already delete it off my PS4 i have no intention of destroying my PS for this garbage of a game. For weeks forums have been swamped with posts about how unstable and horribly optimize game is just a joke GGG seriously. I bet none of you clowns actually sat down and tested this or played it for longer than ten minutes cause if you do you will very quickly realize how bad your port is.....
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I can't, I'm done with this league.

You can keep improving it all you like, you'll still have people playing until the end probably. But no matter how much improvements you make to Harvest, the game is unplayable and still has crashes. I can't level characters, it's impossible to not go without 2 crashes per act.
I can't play t14 influenced maps, because I crash, and I can't do Awakener without crashing, and labyrinth is a gamble at this point... And I shouldn't need to reinstall the Game, get an SSD, rebuild database for a game that's meant to be played on my system. This ONLY happens with PoE.

You fixed the freezing on opening the seed caches, but now we freeze when we enter the garden, so technically it's still the same problem just on another place.

The league itself is a great concept, the game is not enjoyable. I just want to play a build that doesn't crash every 30 minutes... Or locks me out of my console.

I'll say it again, it leaves me dumbfounded that the game and several mechanics are worse than before. How this happens is beyond me. You might as well remove Delirium, Blight and all the related content from console. I'm not doing them anyway and I'm sure more people are like this because they know what it brings... You've gone through my positivity, I just can't be positive towards this anymore.
So, now I cannot even log onto the game. Is someone working on this

Edit: I just was let on...thanks?
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I can’t log in or my friends we don’t know why
Same here canada , usely connect to washington server ... currently 17:54h

patch install , then trying to connect and get unexpected Error .. cant log on

Can’t connect to login server, says an unexpected disconnection occurred. Playing from Canada, Montreal on regular PS4. (Since been solved, thanks.)
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