Blocking Trade Requests

I know you can ignore someone on chat, but can you make it so I can Ignore all future trades from a player? I get some people will low ball offers, and thats fine, whatever. What I don't care for is when say you list an item for 10 ex, and then someone repeatedly spams you 10c for it, hoping you mess up. While it's pretty easy to tell the difference I imagine some players fall for it (or why keep doing it every league), but I'd just as well block that person from ever being able to offer on any of my items, I dont need or want that business. If this were possible it would take care of one of the scamming issues on its own, as more and more people blocked/ignored the individual he would have no access to trade market at all anymore, and since it's tied to a PSN account they couldn't just easily make a new account like you can on PC.
Last bumped on Jul 14, 2020, 6:02:07 PM
Back again, so I have the same person bidding 5c then 4c then 3c then waits a bit and starts over. This is on a 5 ex item (woke melee phys), last time this went on for 8 hours, why should I have to deal with this? Why can't I just put him on ignore?

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