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Harvest Storage Tanks and Crafting Descriptions

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What we need is a meter showing how much total fuel we have of each color as well.
"Harvest Descriptions
We've also revised the highlighting of key words on the Harvest crafting panel. It will have colours that make it easier to see at a glance what crafting modifiers are available. For example, the word 'caster' would always be highlighted in pale blue."

Will there be options for us colorblind folks?

Pale blue, or really any "pale" color, is particularly hard for people that can't see colors well or are outright colorblind. Just like Blight Oils displaying on the Passive Tree for annoitments, I personally cannot tell what oils are needed using those icons. The oil colors are not pronounced enough for me to tell the differences. I can see Black and White and the primary colors are easy enough but once we get into "pale" or "dark" versions of the same colors, I'm out of luck!

Please consider people like me who won't be helped by colors alone.


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