Harvest Storage Tanks and Crafting Descriptions


Also colors for sockets and specially differenciate aug/removes that are NON-XXX from the targeted ones.
MidgetLove wrote:
90% of the community are useless. Literally the comment POG describes one of the main issues with this game. They need REAL feedback, not dumbass comments. This contributes to almost every league being broken for the initial 3 weeks.

there are always pages upon pages of constructive posts before and right after league start about potential and actual problems with the mechanics and also plenty of bug reports. it's just that they dgaf because league start = cash rolling in and there is enough goodwill left that people still throw money at them. at this point they probably only have two interns left working on harvest and hopefully next league won't be experimental garbage and just be lots of monsters to kill without 20 new currency items and crafting shit.
If you don't let us exchange a billion horticraft stations for lifeforce or the bigger tanks I am going to be really, really sad.

Who did the initial math on the storage tanks anyways? Your room plant? Your carpet? I am speechless.
Thanks for listening to feedback!
just one more map
ty guys, its a really big iomprovement
TraviiGrinds wrote:
But what can we do with the smaller tanks after we buy the bigger ones? Can we vendor them for seeds? Feels kinda bad to waste all the lifeforce to make hundreds of tanks, just for them to be replaced.

I was going to ask the same question. Rather vendoring them for seeds, how about vendoring them for lifeforce? Or vendor 5 smaller tanks for 1 larger tank.

Very needed change, thank you ;)
Even after people telling us we should be more constructive...


Thanks GGG for continuing to listen to the community!

You've revamped and made this league enjoyable!
Any word regarding the crashing? There's so many people having issues with crashing and it seems there is 0 acknowledgement of any issue in the tech support forums.

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