[3.12] Tectonic Slam+Earthshatter 2H Chieftain, 20mil Damage slam, Screen-wide AoE, 2.5k HP/s regen

My one week progress with playing a lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiD3M4R3l1k

Tier 3 Showcase Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeXxYWVQn6A
Tier 2 Showcase Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V2AquRIK2Y
Tier 2 Uber Elder Deathless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzc8aDcJod8

Old videos...

3.12 News
We are in for the money boys! NO nerfs to this build and a slight buff with the Flammability that will make "Cooked Alive" cluster jewel more powerful by being more reliable.

Gameplay explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MWvrmEhGxM

My twitch where I play the build: twitch.tv/9v1d0

I tried to utilize all the new Warcry changes, two-handed weapon buffs and Fist of War gem and this is the best I came up with.

If you have any ideas on improvements would love to see your comments.

Why I use both Tectonic Slam+Earthshatter? Tectonic Slam is fantastic for clearing maps but lacks in damage for bossing. Earthshatter is great for bossing but is very awkward when mapping. With using two weapons as 6-links it's also super easy to switch them. Just press X and it's done

- Very Tanky
- Good at both - clear speed and bossing
- Can Delve to depth 500
- Decent league starter
- Very fun and satisfying to play
- Takes practice to get the warcrying down
- Using all the gem slots on second weapon for Earthshatter
- Weak to any kind of slow

Attack speed for this build is only for survivability and nice to have. You just want to hit fast enough for stuff not to kill you while you swing.

More Area of Effect directly transitions to faster clear speed because we just one-shot everything.

Defensive stats:
- 6500 life
- 2500/s life regeneration
- 1000/s life leech
- 90% Physical damage reduction
- Flask with "Immune to Curses"
- Fortify

I am using 3 different warcries for damage in the build and I am combining all of them when bossing. At this point I don't actually need all of them for mapping and I only use Sesmic Cry for more AoE.

Main buffs, debuffs, effects that I use:
- Ash
- Fire exposure (Master of Fire or Wave of Conviction)
- Flammability or Elemental Weakness
- Intimidate
- Ignite (therefore -% fire resistance)
- Losing endurance charges for 15% more Damage (Valako, Storm's Embrace)
- Every 10 seconds, gain 100% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage for 4 seconds (Ngamahu, Flame's Advance)
- "Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support" Gem (4% more Damage per Endurance Charge)
- Enemies are Destroyed (Cremator)
- Fortify
- Consecrated Ground (Flask and Purifying Flame)
- 50% Increased life recovery (Tasalio, Cleansing Water)
- Enfeeble (Cast when Damage Taken)
- Rage (when bossing)

Right now I have 10 max Endurance charges. 1 endurance charge gives me:
- +4% to all Elemental Resistances
- 4% additional Physical Damage reduction
- 4% more Damage (Tidebreaker -> Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support)
- 10% increased Physical Damage on Weapon (Tidebreaker)
- Regenerate 0.4% of Life per second (Kaom's Way)
- +5% fissure branching chance (Tectonic Slam)
- 5% more Area of Effect (Tectonic Slam)
- Regenerate 0.5% Life per second (Valako, Storm's Embrace)

We generate Endurance charges with:
- Valako Ascendecy (Gain 1 Endurance Charge every second if you've used a Warcry - Recently)
- Tidebreaker -> Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support -> Gain an Endurance
- Charge when you Stun an Enemy with a Melee Hit from Supported Skills
- Disciple of the Unyielding -> 8% chance to gain an Endurance Charge on Kill

Map modifier to Avoid by priority:
- Monsters reflect % of Elemental Damage
- Cannot Leech Mana from Monsters
- Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield (Can be done but we lose all our strong life regen. Recommended to bring with you a mana flask)
- Monsters reflect % of Physical Damage (Can be done using only Tectonic slam. Earthshatter is only 90% physical damage converted to fire)
- Players are Cursed with Temporal Chains (Really painful. It's Ok if you have flask effect to remove the curse)
- Players have % less Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield (just makes you more vulnerable and you might skip this if you are leveling)

Infernal Cry is a special skill this league as it triggers Combust skill on exerted attacks. This can be used in many way:
- 6-link damage gems for extra damage (Around 10% more damage for original attack)
- "Curse On Hit Support" to apply curses
- Use "Combustion Support" to Ignite enemies and reduce their Fire resistance
- Use "Culling Strike Support"
- Use with "Life Gain on Hit Support"
Adding an image below that shows the ingame tooltip:

Timeless jewels

Timeless jewels change the passives in the effect radius based on the warrior that it is under. For example, Lethal Pride under Akoya will change the keystones in radius to Chainbreaker and Glorious Vanity under Doryani will change the keystone to Corrupted Soul. The Agnostic is a great keystone to pick for the Timeless jewels conquered keystone changes.

There two good Timeless jewel options for this build:
- Chainbreaker (Bonus attack and movement speed for Conquerors, Elders, Shapers and Sirus fights)
- Corrupted Soul (Gain 20% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield)
PoB will not show you how the jewels work in game so I attached an image below on how that will look in game.

About damage

There is no practical way to calculate damage in PoB so I have to do it manually. Tectonic damage doesn't matter because it's already enough to one-shot almost everything when mapping. Let's focus on Earthshatter.
PoB "Max hit" feature aligns all the warcries but it takes the maximum value of Sesmic cry which. On average I have 60% more damage from this warcry. The first time it will give me 30%, next 60%, next 90% and then I usually warcry again.

Without Sesmic cry the damage is 1.6m initial + 1.1m*5 spikes damage = 7.1m.
With 60% average damage from Sesmic cry it goes up to 2.6m initial +1.8m*5 spikes damage = 11.6m
Next we have "Ngamahu, Flame's Advance". When it's active the damage goes up by 110%, up to 5.4m + 3.8m*5 = 24.4m but since it's active only 40% of the time, it would make it 44% more damage on average which is 3.7m + 2.6m*5 = 16.7m.

Lastly, there is Tawhoa, Forest's Strength that repeats my attack. It does not use warcry buffs and does not work together with Fist of War but the Mirage Chieftain attacks do deal 50% more Damage. When I disable all the warcries and First of War but add 50% more damage I am left with 0.5m + 0.35m*5 = 2.25m. When I add the average 44% buff from "Ngamahu, Flame's Advance" I get a total additional 3.2m damage slam.
So adding up both of the damages 16.7+3.2 I get an average slam of 20mil.

The cooldown for Tawhoa's Chosen is 2 seconds and the cooldown for Fist of War is 1.8 seconds. If I average the 20mil damage slam to "per second" that would be 10mil damage per second.

That being said, if you align everything perfectly you can get a slam of 9.7m +6.8m*5 + 4.7m = 48.4mil. If you can master it then there is no stopping of actually doing it like that.

Also, if we talk about end-game content then when doing hard boss fights usually you cannot stand in one place for longer than 1 second anyway. Standing still would make you a easy target for bosses avoidable attacks. You cannot calculate this in DPS but I do believe that it makes bossing with this build even more efficient than just a raw number of 10mil DPS.


Skill tree progression for leveling

Before starting to level I recommend going to your filter and setting up Two-handed Maces as leveling exception. See image below.

Picking up gems by Acts when leveling

Act 1:
Try to find any items in shop with as much linked red sockets as possible. Red sockets matter more than weapon type (as long as its melee).
1. Molten Strike = Ancestral call + Chance to bleed (Switch Ancestral call for Added fire for Boss fight)
2. Ancestral Protector (Use for tougher enemies)
3. Complete Trial of Ascendancy in The Lower Prison
4. Dexterity amulet (Jade Amulet) + Dash
5. Intimidating cry
6. Switch Dash for Smoke Mine
7. Get leap slam for extra movement and Spike explode (At this point the combo is Smoke mine -> Detonate (D) -> Leap slam)
8. At lvl 12 switch
- Earthshatter -> Molten strike (Use Leap slam and Intimidating cry to explode Spikes)
- Ancestral call -> Chance to bleed

Act 2:
1. Switch Chance to bleed Support -> Melee Physical damage Support for Earthshatter
2. Complete Trial of Ascendancy in The Crypt Level 1
3. Complete Trial of Ascendancy The Chamber of Sins Level 2
3. Combine Leap slam with Faster Attacks Support
4. Pick up Elemental damage with Attacks support and put it in any slot for leveling it
5. Pick up Herald of Ash and Seismic cry now if you can

Act 3:
1. Pick up Infernal cry from reward
2. Complete Trial of Ascendancy in The Crematorium
3. Complete Trial of Ascendancy in The Catacombs
4. Pick up Tectonic slam from reward (I recommend to keep using Earthshatter until maps)
5. Complete Trial of Ascendancy in The Imperial Gardens
6. Pick up Pulverize for a reward in Library
In Library buy by priorities:
a) Herald of Purity
b) Blood and Sand
c) Fortify
d) Combustion
e) Second Wind
f) Concentrated Effect
7. Complete the Labyrinth

Act 4:
- Pick up Fist of War
Here are the priorities for gem links when leveling:
Earthshatter = Fist of War Support + Elemental damage with Attacks + Melee Physical Damage + Pulverise + Fortify
I recommend leveling using Earthshatter. You should just run past monsters of the content anyway and it has the best damage. And Tectonic slam is best with Endurance charges and I feel like it's a waste of time to keep them up while rushing through areas.
But you can use Tectonic slam as well.

The Remaining Trials of Ascendancy:
The Cruel Labyrinth:
- The Prison (Act 6)
- The Crypt (Act 7)
- The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)

The Merciless labyrinth:
- The Bath House, Act 8
- The Tunnel, Act 9
- The Ossuary, Act 10

Some other leveling tips:
- Remember that you also get +4% all elemental resistances from Endurance charges. When you get 8 Max Endurance charges it is fine to keep the resistances at 75%!
- If you need more stats you can find good attribute nodes right on the skill tree - Expertise, Ancestral Knowledge, Proficiency and Hard Knocks. Use these to compensate for missing attributes when you switch gear.
- Jewels with Attributes and Resistances (+life!) are usually cheap. Use these to fill up missing resistances and attributes.
- Try to not use any gear with Evasion. Since we are using Unwavering Stance we cannot evade any attacks and it's useless.
- I made a section with a list of reasons why Endurance charges are so good with this build. You should try to prioritize getting all the "+1 to maximum Endurance charges".
- You can find all the gems to buy in Act 3 Library area. There is Siosa guy who sells all the gems very close to the portal. Remember to bring you currency with you.
- If you have any mana issues during leveling you can buy Praxis Paua Ring for 1 chaos and that will provide you with enough mana regen


Kill all


Big circle: Soul of Lunaris
Small circle: Soul of Gruthkul


Tectonic Slam setup

If you need more damage on your links:

When you get cluster jewels but have too low ignite chance:

Once you have enough damage to one-shot everything when mapping and have another weapon, switch to Awakened Increased Area Of Effect Support for even more AoE and faster clear speed.

Earthshatter setup
If you don't have a second weapon yet, it's a good idea to carry Earthshatter gem with you for bosses! You can just switch it with Tectonic slam for ~2x the damage.

If you get Overlord passive from large Mace cluster jewel, you can replace Fortify with Melee Physical Damage Support.

Damage option

Utility options

Starter kit:

After you get a Watcher's eye with Anger passive that give damage switch to this:

Enfeeble is nice because we one-shot everything and it replaces the curse when we hit.
My current setup:

If you have Master of Fire in Cluster Jewels then you can stop linking Wave of Conviction. They don't work together! (All though Wave of Conviction gives -15% more Fire resistance reduction but is more unreliable)

If you lack the damage for tier 16 bosses, try using Vaal Ancestral Warchief to boost your damage:

Before you get your Thread of Hope with Discipline of Slaughter, it's really nice to generate Frenzy charges and to have extra attack speed by using Blood Rage:

Second Wind cooldown reduction works very nice with Warcries.

If you need more slots or don't have enough Dexterity use Flame Dash instead

You can use Enduring cry here as well if you need it for regeneration or more survivability.

When you get your Lethal Pride jewel with Akoya you can get to 50 rage with Chainbreaker. Use Berserk to burst down big bosses quickly. Replace Purifying Flame, Enfeeble or Teleport.

Tree and PoB

(Tier 4) No cluster jewel version: https://pastebin.com/1BkMgcsq
(Tier 3) With 1nd cluster jewel tree: https://pastebin.com/DSrDn37U
(Tier 2) 2nd cluster jewel tree: https://pastebin.com/eAs4XN0H

To view the other trees download Path of Building Community Fork and paste in the code from pastebin links in "Import/Export Build" section: https://github.com/PathOfBuildingCommunity/PathOfBuilding

- Vitality Void (Life leech+max life leech)
- Soul Raker (Life+Mana leech)
- Thrill Seeker (Mana leech)
- Tenacity (Life +damage)
- Crystal skin (+max elemental resistances)
- Heart of Flame (For Energy shield leech when Corrupted soul used)

Cluster jewels

It is hard to find mana leech for fire damage so having it on cluster jewel is really nice. Otherwise best option is to anoint.

Cooked Alive give us the best damage for bossing and with being able to use Infernal cry to Ignite we can get 87%+ chance to ignite. Cermator give us a bit of damage and the option to to have less death effects when we kill enemies. Master of Fire give permanent -10% Fire resistance to nearby enemies (it cannot be use together with Wave of Conviction!)

Once you have enough currency for Awakened Melee Physical Damage and some more jewels you can switch to the second cluster jewel tree.
With Overlord cluster jewel passive you will be able to remove the Fortify Support gem from your weapons and replace it with Awakened Melee Physical Damage. The gem switch will give you around +13% DPS increase.
Tenacity is a really good passive that gives +5% life and also around 6%DPS. It's like two passives in one. Before switching to that remember to get life leech somewhere as it is just too good to pass.

Large jewel should have Overlord and life leech (if you don't have it other places). The third passive doesn't matter, it just has to be there so we can pick the other two close by.

For bossing Cooked Alive is still the best passive. Get that with any other damage passive like Burning Bright or Smoking Remains. It's also nice that we are moving close to 100% ignite chance with our Tectonic slam.

For more AoE and and life go with Area damage cluster jewel


1. Ngamahu, Flame's Advance - With the 50% Physical damage conversion to Fire we can go all in on Elemental damage while using Earthshatter
2. Valako, Storm's Embrace - This is what makes endurance charges work for this build.
3. Tasalio, Cleansing water - Gives +100% Fire resistance and enables the life regeneration combo
4. Ramako, Sun's Light - Good damage to help with early mapping
5. Tawhoa, Forest's Strength - After you get your cluster jewels, Fire penetration becomes much less effective and one-shotting monsters in maps should be no problem. Switch Ramako for Tawhoa for more Single target, close range damage.



With Tidebreaker it's nice to start with 5-link because it has the 6th link of "Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support"
With 10 Endurance charges this weapon becomes a 870DPS Mace with 40% MORE damage on the 6-link. Highest DPS mace that you can buy for a Mirror is a 1000DPS Mace that still loses by 2.8% to Tidebreaker .

Alternative Unique Maces when starting off:
- Marohi Erqi
- Kongor's Undying Rage (Remove the passive keystone Resolute Technique if you are using this)

Rings (For + 1 max endurance charge)

- Circle of Anguish Synthesised Ruby Ring (with implicit +1 Endurance charge!)
- Precursor's Emblem Ruby Ring (with implicit +1 Endurance charge!)


We want +1 Maximum Endurances charge here!

Rare boots:


Having Fire conversion on Gloves can open up some other options on gear. There is also an crafting bench option for conversion!


Great for league start
+ Cheap
+ Has chill immunity
+ Has life
+ Has good resistance
+ Has Dexterity
+ Has item rarity for league start

Regular rare Amulet
+ Can have extra cold and lightning resistances
+ Can have extra stats

+ 50% fire conversion (you can drop Magmatic strikes passive for 2 skill points!)
+ Great life
+ Good damage
+ Earthshatter has 100% physical converted to fire (You can do physical reflect maps)
- No resistances (we don't need fire)
- Cannot have other types of damage (for example, cannot use flasks like Atziri's Promise)

Keep in mind that you need Watcher's eye for Anger to be effective
- Very expensive
- All the auras will take up a lot of sockets (Can't 6-link infernal cry)
- Has no resistances
+ You have extra mana for Herald of Purity and Vitality
+ Has some stats

Helm options

+ Can be just Harvest-crafted
+ Has elemental resistances
+ Has life
- Expensive to buy or takes time to harvest-craft

+ Attack speed and Movement speed on Helmet is very unique
+ You can buy with Labyrinth Enchantments
+ Has a lot of Dexterity
- No life
- No resistances

+ Good for bonus attack and movement speed
+ Gives a bit of damage as well
+ Has bonus Dexterity
- No life
- No resistances

+ Great life
+ A lot of Armour
+ Gives a bit of damage as well
- No resistances

+ Great stats (Dexterity and Intelligence!)
+ A lot of damage
- Make you weak to bleeding
- No life
- No resistances


+ Cheap
+ Can have extra cold and lightning resistances

+ Best damage and life.

Curse option


With this build damage is probably going to be the last thing you will get on the jewels. You will need Life, Attributes, Resistance.

Thread of hope fits really nicely into the tree:

Watcher’s eye - Anger buffs

Modifiers by priority:
- Gain (15-25)% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage while affected by Anger (Don't get watcher's eye without this!)
- Damage Penetrates (10-15)% Fire Resistance while affected by Anger
- (40-60)% increased Fire Damage while affected by Anger

There are two good Timeless jewel options for this build:
- Chainbreaker (Bonus attack and movement speed for Conquerors, Elders, Shaper and Sirus fights)

- Corrupted Soul (Gain 20% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield)

Chest options

You don’t need 6-link for the chest! 6-link for damage gives you 0.5-1mil damage so you can trade the Damage for some kind of utility.
Chest options:
Belly of the Beast for great life:

Craiceann's Carapace for good life an amazing armour. Would work great with Ezomyte Burgonet because of the bleeding immunity.

I am a big fan of Guatalitzi's armors though:


I hate dying so I made sure I have all flasks the prevent me from that. Also, the damage is there anyway.
- There is no good way to get more movement speed so we have to use quicksilver flask.
- The Chill and Freeze flask is meant more for Chill instead of freeze
- Curse immunity to not get screwed by Temporal chains and also to have more survivability against other curses
- Lion's Roar - just broken flask that give insane damage and a ton of armour
- Atziri's Promise - great damage and also very welcome chaos resistance. You can't use this flask if you are using Xoph's Blood!
- The Wise Oak - not the best damage but if you can manage to balance Cold and Lightning resistances it provides good survivablity against those elements

Remember that endurance charges give you elemental resistances as well (just remember to warcry)
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Saving slot.

Quick question, whats the point of running double combustion as well as the fortify if you have overlord?
WolfsGoRawr wrote:

Quick question, whats the point of running double combustion as well as the fortify if you have overlord?

Hey, WolfsGoRawr.
That is a valid question. Yes, it is not worth running Fortify with Overlord with Tectonic slam. Honestly, I just have not figured out if I can get away with using Awakened Increased Area of Effect for EVEN MORE AOE. I need to test if I can still one-shot everything and if I can get enough Intelligence for it.

About the Double Combustion. Again, at this point I don't really feel like I need more damage on Tectonic slam so I am using the Combustion with Cremator to Destroy corpses. BUT I do need the Combustion 100% on Infernal cry because I want to be sure that when I Earthshatter bosses they Ignite. Also, I am not using Infernal cry when I am mapping, so I would lose on the ignite.
Very fair.

Would you mind posting how you leveld your jewels. POB doesn't show how you put your points in the jewels at this moment. Master of fire doesn't seem to give any damage increase either.
WolfsGoRawr wrote:
Very fair.

Would you mind posting how you leveld your jewels. POB doesn't show how you put your points in the jewels at this moment. Master of fire doesn't seem to give any damage increase either.

I updated the Overlord Large cluster jewel: https://pastebin.com/txBdcd29
I skip the one small node on 5 passive medium cluster and skip the middle passives on Large cluster jewels (Smite the Weak, Heavy hitter, etc.)

Last edited by 9v1d0 on Jul 23, 2020, 5:45:09 AM
WolfsGoRawr wrote:
Master of fire doesn't seem to give any damage increase either.

Oh, about the Master of fire. Yes, it doesn't show any damage increase and I couldn't find an option in PoB to turn in on. It gives -10% Fire Resistance and should be 5-10% more Damage. Very similar to Cooked Alive. https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Master_of_Fire
Last edited by 9v1d0 on Jul 23, 2020, 5:50:49 AM
Thats very fair.

Any reason for purifying fire? I've been using it and I understand it gives you consec ground, but since we already have a pot creating it too and we have to move around a lot too I don't see the point.

Would you mind going into detail to your reasoning for using this one?
WolfsGoRawr wrote:
Thats very fair.

Any reason for purifying fire? I've been using it and I understand it gives you consec ground, but since we already have a pot creating it too and we have to move around a lot too I don't see the point.

Would you mind going into detail to your reasoning for using this one?

Hello, WolfsGoRawr. A good question. Couple of thing here. First of all, Consecrated ground is just really good with this build. I am using "Tasalio, Cleansing Water" so pretty much all the regen is 1.5x more effective. With 7000 life, Consecrated ground give me 600 life/s regen. To put this in perspective, regular 20% Eternal Life Flask give 625 life/s regen.

Second, yes, the flask also gives Consecrated ground so in theory they would overlap. In practice though, the flasks are used rarely (every 4 seconds) and if I have time to use flask then I probably don't need the regen as much anyway. The biggest vulnerability with this build is the moment I swing the Mace to go for the one-shot kill. Since I don't focus on attack speed, it's plenty of time for something to kill me. So if I do take some damage it's very nice to have 600 extra regen at that time. And actually that is also the time that I am standing still.

Third, this makes Consecrated ground when bossing also more reliable since I will try to stand super close for all my Earthshatter spikes to hit.

Couple of options you can try if you don't think it's worth it:
- Wave of Conviction (I figured it's too unreliable for bossing and it does not stack with Master of Fire. If there is a moment where I get hit, that is more of a moment to get more defense, not offence. That being said, it should give -15% more elemental resistance than Master of Fire.)
- Increased Duration Support (For Molten Shell)
- Berserk (The damage burst is going to be pretty short though)
- Ancestral Warchief (I consider this kind of damage boost unpractical and the only reason people include this in their guide is to boost they "theoretical" DPS. You need more damage against Sirus, Uber Elder, lvl 20 Simularcrum. Do you actually have time to waste dropping the totem in those fights?)
- Enduring cry (There is no space on on key board for this though)
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Some updates:
- Added Sirus Deathless Tier 1 video
- Added Devoto's Devotion to Tier 1 build
- Added some tips to Leveling section
- Added Ascendancy to Leveling section
- Updated Tier 1 Tree with Devoto's Devotion
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