therealjameshumphrey twitch streamer and youtuber! creating helpful guides and helping noobs!!!

Why hello there exile!

I am streaming on twitch at M-F 8-10PM EST!! Feel free to stop by and ask questions!

My youtube is centered around teaching the game to players as well as helping people build skills outside the game with some comedy thrown in!

Currently playing Carrion Golem Elemancer. Here are a few popular videos with the build.
Best boss killer build? Sirus 8? No problem. Uber Elder easy peezy. [Path of Exile Harvest 3.11]

Destroy Endgame Bosses on Week1 Cheap with Carrion Golem! Ez Sirus! Path of Exile Harvest 3.11

Beginner leveling walk through for Carrion Golem Act 1-4 fresh start. [Path of Exile Harvest 3.11]

Also just started playing a Blade Vortex Chieftain and will soon have a video series for this build as well!
We have the BEEF! Beginner Budget Blade Vortex Beeftain Chieftain 54c [Path of Exile Harvest 3.11]

I started making league mechanic explaination content some of which have cosplays!
Best Gosh Darn Harvest Farming Guide!! Cosplay with jokes and gags!! [Path of Exile Harvest 3.11]

Delve Mechanics Explained in under 3 minutes [Path of Exile Harvest 3.11]

You should probably follow me on twitter to or you may miss out on bonus content.
Hope to see you soon!
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