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Please give us the option to disable bloom.
While I don't have a bug report # for every time it happens, I get insane amounts of bright white light (sometimes flashing) every time I harvest a Tier 4 seed. I have included screenshots of what it looks like, my settings, and a video of when it happens below. My bloom setting is set to "slight"

What it Looks like

Setting from screenshot, and video

And is the Video of while it's happening.
The issue I've been having is using penance brand with an explodey chest and the cinderswallow flask. I think the interaction is from cinderswallow with the explode effect and not necessarily penance brand, but either way sometimes there is an EXTREMELY bright effect that plays like a nuclear bomb on the screen. Also the effect seems to only occur or at least occur much more frequently with Vulkan turned ON. When Vulkan is OFF it doesnt not seem to happen much if it all.
The cages in the menagerie have some pretty bright bloom.

Menagerie caverns - disease-bearing arachnid cage

Scorpion cages

Top-down view on one of the bright cages, it's pretty bright

I'm still messing with graphic settings, but what I'm using right now -

Display - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
Mode - Windowed
Resolution - 2126x1428 (custom)
Renderer - Vulkan (Beta)
VSync - Enabled
Antialiasing Quality - Off (default)
Lighting - Shadows (default)
Shadow Quality - Low (default)
Sun Shadow Qualtiy - High (default)
Number of lights - Medium (default)
Bloom - Normal
Incursion Effect - Enabled
Water Detail - High
Texture Quality - High
Texture Filtering - Trilinear filtering
Dynamic Culling - Disabled
Dynamic Resolution - Enabled
Multithreading - Enabled
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All my settings are on low, because otherwise POE is sadly unplayable.

And I am happy to give you a screenshot of every area in the game if that is what you want? Because this can happen literally anywhere, depending on skills used.

Bloom is currently causing headaches, even migraines. I don't understand why you can't implement an "off" settng. You are literally getting a chance to fix this before it comes to a lawsuit, as someone is bound to end up with an epilepsy fit. Why you dont take this chance is literally beyond me.
Couple other places I've run into some pretty intense glow. It's a bit hard to catch it in action due to timing the screen shot. The specific screen shots aren't so bad, but when there's a good sized mob with these effects, they compound and become pretty significant.

Redeemer influenced maps, where the redeemer-specific monsters are teleporting in. The white can be intense at times, especially if there's a lot of it (i.e. if an entire mob is materializing). This particular screen shot was in the toxic sewer, so there wasn't a lot of room for the monsters to materialize. But I also ran a more wide-open map earlier and it was pretty bright.

Hunter-influenced maps with spectres, when you kill the spectres they give off some intense green. (If you leap into the center of a mob and kill a bunch, it can be pretty intense)

I'm assuming this is bloom related.
Running an arc build. This happens regardless of zone or bloom settings.

Righteous fire is too bright. It looks like the 'aura' I get before getting a migraine headache. I even tried buying the harbinger mtx hoping it was less bright.

All graphics settings are low (including 'slight' on bloom). Effect is the same with vulkan and DX11.
Hey admin .. i can't run silent after update ,, help me pls
Two notable instances here:

1) Vaal Double Strike clones are very bright and flashy in combination with the Soulstealer weapon effect.

2) The water pool in my Sunken hideout used to ripple and shimmer (created using the Oriath Fountain method, but switching to the new water plane makes no difference); now it is practically invisible. Changing the water/shadow/bloom/global illumination settings doesn't help. I'm also sure the level of the inbuilt water in that area has dropped - is the surface just not reflecting/refracting properly under the light conditions of the area, making it almost impossible to see?

Bug report #984 410 774

That hollow behind the crafting bench is supposed to be a clear water pool; it used to look really nice but now looks like a dry, grey haze. Notable decorations in the area are a blue light beam (Jun's) directed into the pool, plus the whiter one from the crafting bench (old Elreon font version), but removing them makes little difference. My suspicion is the issue stems from the greyish mist that fills the area by default (an environmental effect as it stays when I reclaim all decorations).

Settings: DirectX11, VSync disabled, antialiasing off, lighting = shadows+global illumination, shadow qualities both low, lights = medium, bloom = normal, water and texture quality high, 2x anisotropic filtering. Tweaking these however has little effect on the problem.

Will you need a hideout file as well?
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