Bloom Issues Master Thread

How about treating players as adults?

Give us option to disable bloom.
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Not sure if Bloom related or just Vulkan things:

Sometimes those monsters shine like crazy(bloom problem) and sometimes they are covered in blackboxes like in that clip.

Graphic settings:
Vulkan, Windowed Fullscreen, Vsync Disabled
Bitterbind Point while used with Phasing, Arcane Cloak and tempest shield, after some time:

3.9.2b — 3.9.2e: 19 days of Standard funeral
The game had a tremendously fun and rewarding PvP experience
During harvest encounter 2nd phase, bloom went a little wild.

Will update post with settings / bug report and more info once I'm home from work.
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Delve encounter (Nesting Grounds, Petrified Forest, Bug ref: 3,468,398,292)

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Bestiary Portal effect:



Both are wrong.
3.9.2b — 3.9.2e: 19 days of Standard funeral
The game had a tremendously fun and rewarding PvP experience
Your post titled "Another Bloom thread" has been removed....thanks GGG....

Just give us the option to remove this!!!!! Slight setting does nothing. You cant even see your surroundings in delve once you drop a flare. It not only looks absolutely horrible, it affects peoples eyesight and causes headaches!

What a waste of a league. Thanks GGG for making me miss this because of something you refuse to allow use to remove.

I will not be coming back until this is removed. In the meantime, another game is getting my money.

ps...just noticed this thread is posted under BUG REPORT????!!! This is NOT a bug! Since the moderators are quick to delete my posts on bloom why don't you move it to the correct and suggestions!
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The Monolith Crown MTX occasionally gets brighter and brighter while playing. It'll also appear to just "turn off" on its own as well. I've included a screenshot displaying that along with a Bug Report number and the current, other, MTX I had enabled on my character.

(hi res:

(hi res:
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Big bloom on Freezing Pulse while in the area The Lunaris Temple Level 1 (A8).

Bug report #: 3,905,771,776

The box of transparency in the screenshots are caused by PoE Overlay (via. Overwolf) and can probably be ignored. The GFX Settings screenshots are missing them because I used the windows snipping tool to take a picture instead of pressing F8 ingame.

With the Unleash I was using:

No Unleash:

GFX Settings:

Desktop resolution is 1920x1080, and the only change in the nvidia profile is that Low Latency Mode is set to Ultra.

edit: reuploaded first image to avoid posting a friend's whisper
edit2: bonus pic! extra bright at this angle (4 unleash stacks)
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So I decided to see how bad it is. Logged in and could only handle 5 maps before logging out after getting a f'n headache again ( I know stupid me for thinking otherwise). The bloom is so BAD I cant even see where my character is on the screen while using CoC Ice nova. I am not even going to attempt to see how bad delve is. The games graphics are getting worse instead of getting better. What a waste of a league because of a lousy setting.

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