Bloom Issues Master Thread

Seriously look at proper photos of bloom and you will notice the sun is a common element in all of them.

Where is the sun in POE?

Bloom should basically not exist in this camera angle- maybe on lava- FULL STOP.

Bloom on lightning? not how it works.

Bloom on QUEST ARROWS? not how it works.

Bloom on literally every single texture exposed? Not how it works.

I started poe as a scared player in a land of SHADOW.

I honestly didn't think wraeclast even had a sun until we blotted it out- it was part of the aesthetic

You make a thread asking for "bad bloom examples"- should I just link a stream so the whole game gets shown? I noticed it the second I spawned in, then noticed how awful it was at the first quest arrow. How is this getting by your teams...

WoW has less vibrant quest arrows at this point.

Bloom should have been relegated to doorways and cave exits.

edit: I never had any photosensitivity issues in POE before hand either, but now I do... even on slight
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Please give us back the phasing effect, because what we have now looks like a low-quality effect, terrible gauss noise without its own glow effect..

I play with it constantly and it hits my eyes.

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The fog in the Sunspire Hideout need a pass. Global Illumination + Bloom is pretty much unbearably bright. I'm pretty sure sunlight doesn't actually get reflected this strongly by mist. Maybe replace the whole thing with the shaders Alex Sannikov made for Delirium?
Jatin_GGG wrote:
For anyone who has encountered Bloom issues or feel like something is too bright, please reply to this thread with the specific object or area, as well as your Graphics Settings.

If the Bloom issue is area-specific, please also include your Bug Report number. You can get a Bug Report number by using /bug.

Please give us option to disable it its very annoying for the eyes and our pc's
Bloom is issue itself. Pls give us option to disable it.
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Either explain why you insist on forcing bloom on the players, or do what every other good game does and give us the option to toggle it... Like seriously, go check out what other games don't have an option to toggle it, you won't find a good one there.

Bloom is and always has been a very divisive effect. Some people like it, some hate it. That is the reason why giving the option to toggle is usually a priority for developers. It looks insanely weird that you don't want to do that.
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The Celestial Hideout has way too much bloom. I had to switch away from it to reduce eyestrain.
2.6 BLS Berserker budget shaper farmer build guide:
Icestorm is utterly blinding. This is with "Less Bloom" on, and GI + Shadows. I chose this spot in my hideout to show the difference in visibility in sun vs shadow. Any map with bright sun becomes a white blob on my screen, while darker maps are slightly better.

The settings shown here are used for all the following images. Note that I play on an older gaming laptop but was able to get a silky smooth 60fps at the launch of 3.0.0 as well as before it.

Quest markers and waypoints are both too bright for me. They hurt my eyes.

Volatile Dead and Desecrate are both too bright for me. They hurt my eyes and are blinding in many situations, causing a significant drop in visual clarity and situation readability.

Styg VD MTX is too bright. The brightness does not really make sense so it feels more jarring than the default VD look. This one does not hurt as much but it's way more jarring, while pre-patch the MTX was very easy on the eyes.
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Are you guys stuck in 2007 or something? You just tok 3 steps backwards with removal of Post-Processing option instead of going forward. Let us disable the effects that we want to play with! Don't force us, otherwise people will just find other ways of disabling which is against your ToS.

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