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Please make my $500 back attachment (that was previously my favorite MTX in the game) not look like a pile of blue shit with bloom. (settings:

Also, add the option to turn bloom off. Yes, I understand your artists then have to consider both bloom and non-bloom situations. Yes, this is also what artists in every other 3D game studio on the planet has to do as well.

Thanks in advance.
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Every harvest brings tears to my eyes since the bloom effects are so bad. Why are you forcing this vaseline effect up our eyeballs? Let me disable this terrible mess forever.

i start a game with my second character and try to completely renovate my garden of the Harvest expansion. It worked quite well until recently when top-notch suckers stopped germinating

I notice what happens when I join two waves of shoots at different times.

For example, in the same plantation I can put 6 sprouts and go away and then put another 6. These last ones don't seem to flower until the first 6 germinate. My previous character did allow them to germinate. It was not until recently that this began to happen. Thanks in advance for your attention.
My probably too arrogant opinion on bloom taken from my reddit reply:

Personally, I think bloom in general is TERRIBLE in games, unless the game is trying to replicate the feeling of watching a movie. The basis for the effect is literally a replication of something that happens in a camera, but not when viewing something directly. Therefore if I want to feel as if I am the exile, bloom is quite literally an effect that adds a layer of separation visually between the player and the exile. From an artistic perspective it can make scenes look nice and would be helpful to make cinematics, but I think that the "strong preference" in this case is a situation where the art direction is not meshing with player expectations. Bloom replicates how a lens fails to focus properly when given an intensely bright light source, and is often replicated in photoshop by actually adding a blur. The effect extends a lighting effect beyond it's normal borders which I feel obscures overall visual detail as background effects get washed out, especially with several sources of light at the same time.
CharanJaydemyr:some people need to really rethink how they spend their money....I will trash this item if I ever find it on principle...I've seen much cleverer "troll" items get turned down, so I guess GGG gave up trying to enforce that one. Not GGG's finest hour.
DixonYamouf wrote:
Bloom should be an option and not forced. Give us the option to disable it. That's all we want.

There's not really an upvote button on these forums, so I'm forced to QFT/+1/whatever
RichMoney wrote:
My probably too arrogant opinion on bloom

This doesn't even approach the level of arrogance GGG is taking by being the only serious game studio to force this effect on their players arbitrarily, while universally being panned for it. The whole situation is incredibly frustrating, and reminds me of the shit Riot Games used to pull - pissing off their entire playerbase while saying, "Yes but we know best :)". It is borderline condescending.
Automaton herald of ice is way too bright now, when exploding packs of mobs. Poe generally has darker themes, so the effect is basically fullscreen flashing for slightly larger mob packs. Since the bloom change, I had to switch using it for gloom herald.

heres an album of 3 pictures showcasing the very annoying flash of light:

This is with the reduced bloom option!

Here is a gif showcasing the bright flashes, with default bloom setting:

These are the graphical settings:

used for the picture album, and for the gif version, the bloom was set to "normal". This happens in all areas.

Here is the old GGG promotional video, you can clearly see how much brighter it has become: (starts at 00:08)
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Hi - I'd like to report a severe, in fact gamebreaking bug with the new bloom effect introduced in 3.11.0.

There seems to be no graphical option to disable this effect.

This is a very severe bug, as it stops a large variety of players with vision conditions from being able to play or enjoy the game. I hope you'll take the time to prioritize this issue over others -- this bug has made the game unplayable for a friend of mine with moderate vision loss, who reports that he suffers from incredible eyestrain due to the bloom effect.
Okay i was told to post here to give an example where bloom looks bad. Everywhere. Yes thats right, EVERYWHERE. I dislike bloom as much as i dislike stupid cinematic settings like motion blur or film grain.


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