Bloom Issues Master Thread

Are you going to let us remove the complete insanity that is bloom?

Or is Chris Wilson going to write a highly controversial "Bloom Manifesto" and not let anyone change it until the game dies?
I’m so glad I’m not playing this league


Seriously what is this.

This is max settings? This glowing statue is somehow actually darker in the picture vs in game...

Second picture is with gi ultra since I messed up "max"

then you have one that... idk looks the best? And its with gi off and bloom on slight. only changes.

And you konw something? He is still missing tons of detail from the over use of bloom, ruining the well made art with... "more art"?

here is a reference pic from 3.6 I found around here, I can tell they have different settings for some lights (probably gi if that was around in 3.6)

Anyone else seeing the loss of detail in his face? And I was comparing slight bloom.... you cant even see his face on max. what. are. you. doing.

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This is Dash. Multiple MTX cause it independently, with or without Vulkan. It's like a point blank camera flash in dark areas.

Also, there is a haze that seems to be in most areas now. I hadn't fully realized how awful it is until starting a new character. Aside from washing out the contrast and being a general eyesore, it's also making the seams between various graphics more obvious.

The A3 Oversoul area was just gross. It was like Delirium was active. I feel like I'm playing on an old backlit LCD with low contrast ratio. All those improvements in textures and animations now hidden behind smudgy glass.
Please add an option to disable bloom.
The challenge statues are way to bright. I got blinded when I entered my HO this league.

Flare in Delve are absolutely horrendous on standard bloom setting. You can not see your surroundings or enemies when it is deployed. Even Slight setting is strong but a lot more manageable. Please address it.
The default, non-MTX volatile dead has way too much bloom.

Here's a comparison video I made:

Vimeo (for HD quality):
Youtube Mirror:

Both versions of stygian are tolerable (I prefer "slight bloom"), slight-bloom default-MTX is barely usable, and normal-bloom default-MTX is actively painful and hides literally everything else on the screen.
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Exalted weapon effect is insanely bright with "normal" bloom.
Video is just a small example but running around with two gigantic flashlights and using light skills really isnt an option anymore since you really can't see shit.

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