Bloom Issues Master Thread

sorry dont have a pic right now, but I'm playing Vortex / Cold Snap and in the Delve Mine if I throw a flare on top of my skill its REALLY bright where I cant see the floor at all anymore which is very dangerous in the Delve.

Thanks guys :)
Black hole vortex mtx looks blinding if I cast vortex several times in a row. Wouldnt be as bothering on a single cast, but in a boss fight where I litter the floor with the skill it really makes it hard to catch a glimpse of anything else happening, I just see brightness everywhere. Could you tone it down please? I had to revert back to not using my paid mtx :/
This is what the mtx looks like with slight bloom settings..pretty unusable sadly
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After Patch 3.11.1c, Redemption Sentry Spectres are way too bright. This is a screenshot with lowest settings and Bloom set to 'slight'.
The 2 cases of bad bloom i've encountered are (using vulkan renderer):

- Wearing the soulstealer set with the harvest reward back attachment and using Arcane Cloak. The back attachment gets really bright.

- The T4 Harvest bosses when they are half health turn into a "tree" form and start spawning adds. The roots of this tree have a light moving through them that is really bright.
Dark maps are too blinding due to the contrast of the bloom flashes and the environmental brightness.
The Delirium Horns MTX has been rendered completely unusable by the bloom changes. The shiny metal like texture is gone and instead half of the horns is now just a pure white / slightly bluish glow.
Please fix this, the horns are one of the best MTX items in the game!

seriously :|, normal bloom on spectre, how is this even legal
Bestiary Portal is very bright, so it hurts to use it and it doesn't look that good anymore, couse i can't see details or colors, just huge bright green/yellow smoke.

when i logged in the first time in harvest league i had to remove all of my 40/40 challenge trophies because they were too bright.
after the patch, I noticed during the cinderswallow urn, dying units would have a large green square pop up for a second. I tried capturing it on video, I apologize for the bad quality of the recording

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