[PS4] 3.11.1c Patch Notes

Sorry I have to repost this here with slight additions.

Just sharing experience on my part, i had that missing texture problem after the last patch (3.11.1c) and my original ps4 stopped sending video signal to monitor while the machine itself still running. I had to manually unplug the power because power button was not responding. After that all npcs on hideout and some enemies are black, the watchstone pedestal on Zana portal on map is missing but still can be high lighted.

The missing texture slowly returned when i revisited the hideout, the grove (both on map and via waypoint link). Some enemies' texture still missing, such as Al Hezmin big snakes on map.

On the (slightly) bright side, now i encountered less server disconnection (i tried to switch between several servers to achieve this). Only one crash over 3 hours of playing recently.

Appreciated dev team efforts.
Chajabinxies wrote:
... I was so in love with the delirium horns I got last league but I can't wear them now..

Are you nuts?
Ps4 players are bot supposed to wear MTX items.
Any MTX effect/item will greatly increase you chance to crash.

GGG just wants you to but MTX not actually wear them.
(New player here who has spent money on this game and has been doing maps. PS4 Pro.)

It’s honestly shocking how the game full-crashes every hour, and even when it doesn’t, the frame rate can get really bad. For example, during the spider boss the game ALWAYS drops to about 1 frame per second. It’s very easy to die during this time which feels incredibly frustrating.

People who are blaming the consoles for not having the same “power” as PCs are missing the point - if a PS4 can run things such as The Last Of Us and God Of War, it should be able to run a basic isometric action game. The fault is with the game, not the hardware.
For those of you struggling with blue screens just try this, disable HDCP via console settings and also disable ambient and skills sounds in game sound options. It seems channeling skills, impale and some herald sounds are the problem. And also reset the cash once a few hours (turn off and unplug the console for a few minutes). This worked for me, 0 blue screens but i still have some random freeze followed by a blue screen but those are very rare and it seems that are related to the server lag.

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