Hero Siege - Season 10 - ARPG like Diablo 2 (Starts July 21st)

Hero Siege is receiving a large update for Season 10. All 17 classes now have a 2nd talent tree instead of just one. Balancing across the board is being tweaked. New feature "Chaos Shrine" which randomly spawns in levels and has very random outcomes such as a screen filled with treasure goblins or maybe a portal to a dungeon.

What is Hero Siege?

Hero Siege is a [B]crossplatform ARPG[/B] where players choose from 17 different classes to level up, find loot, relics, runewords, gems, mining, trade, and compete on the leaderboards every season. If you are not into "seasons" you can play non-season or local mode.

Over 30,000 members on discord where most of the [B]trading[/B] takes place: https://discord.gg/herosiegeofficial

Leaderboards consist of:

1.) Solo Class Wormhole (Compete vs only your class)
2.) Duo Wormhole
3.) Trio Wormhole
4.) Quad Wormhole
5.) Hero Levels

If you place in the top 35 in a season, you receive a cosmetic reward at the end of the season. Top 1-3 spots get cooler looking cosmetics.

Wormholes are endless scaling random dungeons with special bosses and increased drop rates/XP.

While the game looks simple on the surface, it actually has a lot of depth in character building like Diablo 2.

Here is a list of what customization you have on your characters:

1.) Items: White(Common)<Blue(Magic)<Yellow(Rare)<Orange(Legendary)<Purple(Mythic)<Red(Satanic)<Runewords<LightYellow(Angelic)

[B]Note about loot[/B]: Gear isn't just about rarity, but also about item quality %. Quality ranges from 50-115%. So you might find a rare satanic item but maybe its only 76% quality. You can reroll quality using reroll tokens from mining. You can also upgrade satanics/runewords/angelic to 10/10 or +10 using rubies or upgrade tokens from mining.

2.) Relics. Here is a website that shows all the relics there are hundreds. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aQhUXTuEPBwyfeuJeZSKUjA5AraDCapc2HjY9rfcReI/edit#gid=0

3.) Mercenary. Your mercenary has a talent tree and 4 item slots. You can even equip them with runewords to get auras like in Diablo 2.

4.) Hero Levels. After level 100, you gain hero level experience which you can use to gain various stats.

Gameplay loop (The way I see it):

Choose Softcore or Hardcore mode then:

Part 1: Complete Normal and nightmare difficulties to get to hell mode.

Part 2: Once in hell mode, satanic items can start dropping rarely. This starts the end game.

Part 3: Complete hell mode and see if your character can do inferno mode. If not, farm hell mode/trade with players until you are ready for inferno mode.

Part 4: Farm inferno mode. It might be slow at the start but once you get satanics and upgrade your gear 10/10, it will get faster and faster.

Part 5: Gain hero levels by clearing maps, doing wormholes, quests, dungeons, etc...

Part 6: Push wormholes as far as you can. Try to get a top 3 spot to get those sweet cosmetics and bragging rights!
IGN: Raserei
Last bumped on Jul 20, 2020, 6:51:30 PM
Fun game with scumbag devs.
I have a pretty good sense of humor. I'm not German.
aggromagnet wrote:
Fun game with scumbag devs.

Care to explain?
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
Exile009 wrote:
aggromagnet wrote:
Fun game with scumbag devs.

Care to explain?
Maybe a year or so ago (can't remember for sure, time flies) they released an update that made major changes to the game. Said changes left a substantial number of people with invalid characters which could still be logged in. Anyone who did log in with one of them was flagged for cheating and auto-banned. No one had any way of knowing beforehand that there was even an issue. People who complained on Steam forums and Discord started getting banned from those as well.

The devs' response was basically "Fuck off, not our problem."

It was a shitty mess that they created and refused to sort out at the time, and they were really nasty about it. I believe they did eventually come around to some extent, but fuck 'em.
I have a pretty good sense of humor. I'm not German.
I believe the OP is one of their dev team, IIRC. The name seems familiar at least. If so, maybe they can chime in.
I have a pretty good sense of humor. I'm not German.
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Alright. That is good to know. Thanks for the added info.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
Since then, they have fixed the anti-cheat system. That was season 7 last year.

They hired an extra programmer and 2 game designers to the team so nothing like that will ever happen again.

Season 10 starts at 8AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) tomorrow. I personally have over 1000 hours played in it from season 7, 8, and 9. I have also played Path of Exile, D2, D3, Grim Dawn, Chronicon, and every ARPG under the sun. There is something about Hero Siege that keeps me coming back.

The end game doesn't give you free items. You need to work for the items. You are competing against other players who are also trying to get lucky with drops and push the leaderboards. Its a true test of endurance.
IGN: Raserei
My issue isn't with the fact that there was a problem after the update. Problems with game updates happen; it comes with the territory. My issue is with how players who were impacted by it were treated.

So some additional people got hired and the anti-cheat system has been fixed. That's great. Did they also manage to fix the hostile assholishness of the team? That was the real problem, after all.

Just asking for a friend. Or, more specifically, my now eleven year old cousin who got a taste of that assholishness firsthand.
I have a pretty good sense of humor. I'm not German.

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