Help to improve my VD

Hi guys i show you my gear plz help me what need to be a stronger, Got almost 2 Exalted orb Currency


What need to be switched first!
PS4 Harvest League
thanks :)
Last bumped on Aug 7, 2020, 6:53:32 PM
First of all change all uniq items for rare with high value hp and resists. (Shield, belt, chest, helmet, boots)
Your wand not bad, but best vd rare imbued wand need 82+ilvl with t1 flat fire dmg to atacks and t1 flat fire dmg to spells, after multicraft trigger and %spell dmg+extra chaos.
Best shield - int shield with +1 fire gems and dmg mods, high value hp, shaper's or warlord's influence mod recover 5% hp when you block and %spell block.
Belt need coldown recovery speed mod, hp and resists.
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Click on my profile and look at my character "bloody harvest". Should give you a template. If you want damage craft a wand they are very cheap, like less then 30c. Try to get high life on all rares for survivability.
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