Bosskilling Sceptre (BL mines)

Crafting process:
1. alt-regal spammed until I hit T1 spell crit and T1 crit multi
2. Removed whatever the 3rd useless affix was
3. Crafted "cannot roll attack mods"
4. Crafted "Augment a new influence modifier" for lightning to spells and pen crusader mod
5. Kept rerolling with remove/add influence modifier, sadly didn't manage to hit T1 (highest I got was T2); can still be targeted for improvement
6. Augmented with a new lightning mod -> hit +1 gems
7. Augmented with a chaos modifier and kept rerolling until I hit T1 lightning as extra chaos
8. Removed crafted mod and crafted crit multi vs. rare and unique mobs

For farming I normally use:
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[3.10] Double DoT Toxic Rain Trapper:
[3.10] The Forgotten Gem - Stormbind Hierophant:
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