Colwyn's Harvest Crafting Log

(This post is primary for my own reference in the future after harvest league)

I actually am tied up with other games this league and had hoped i could skip the league but as the power level of this leagues crafts are so powerful and I do spend some time in standard its time to make some broken items.

League start:
Started the league start of week 4? i think two days before the patch that included a new larger storage tank.

craft few specific items to start with , try and make use of as many different crafts as possible and do multiple items at once

Luckily some items I just dont need to craft because i already have better options in standard

current status

3p T1 plot
3y T1 plot
3b T1 plot

1p T2 plot
1y T2 plot
1b T2 plot


7small + 1 large purple storage
7small + 1 large yellow storage
7small + 1 large blue storage

26 horticrafting benches


Currently im farming high tier yellow 75ilvl maps specifically because my current gear is trash (50c total) and i feel the best strategy early is to print as many horticrafting benches as possible

I badly need to upgrade his gear and im crafting a base chest but ill just wait for a bit more currency to drop and my new chest to be complete

storage is fine but at some point ill remove the 7 small and replace them with 7 additional large

garden still has the north east up stairs area free for 3 more farms which will be t3+ farms

Crafting goals:
multiple explodey chests on various bases and with various combinations

id very much like to hit one with a dex percentage suffix for use later in standard

1-2 gg phys jeweled foils
1-2 gg phys foil

some synth items , and implicit jewels

Level 38 gg weapons , i have some very good level 38 gear in standard some random weapons would be nice for it (low priority till other stuff is done)

I have a perfect legacy cold stacking bow in standard which i dont think this leagues are better than but i think ill craft a few anyway and either sell them or just keep one nice one

this current build's gear is not that important but its worthwhile also tuning it for farming maps as efficiently as possible

keep it simple , stay to ilvl 75+ maps for now but switch to 76+ only once atlas is complete

tune build for speed map clearing (I do not trade much so I need to be self sufficient for the crafts required)

print horticrafting benches till I have several hundred (see above i dont trade so they will help a lot)

upgrade garden


Only engage in harvest\delirium\legion\zana\beastcrafting mechanics any other mechanic including delve is a waste of time (i should however buy some stacks of the cheapest fossils for conversion purposes)

I think buying seeds to speed up the process is worthwhile , right now i should be buying tier 2 seeds to print more horticrafting benches , whatever the cheap 1alc ones are

Im not sure if i should be quarry farming for horticrafters , probably but ill test this when i have a lot more movement speed

do tailwind boots increase how often mirage archer shoots? if not dont bother making a pair

Whatever army I have, I'll lead against them...
...until I've won or I'm dead.
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Whatever army I have, I'll lead against them...
...until I've won or I'm dead.
• Level 38 VS The World •
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