Why are we being punished for your game crashing constantly?

Why are we getting punished (losing Xp, losing map portals, lab progress, etc)


Why haven't you don't one single thing about?

Why are we treated so badly now?

I'm up to around 100 blue screens, give or take. Stopped counting around 80.

You honestly think we deserve to be treated like this? You haven't done one thing about this. "Here guys, we have no fucking clue how to fix the blue screens in harvest, so we'll reduce XP loss or we made it so the game will recognize that it's crashing and make you immune to damage until you log back in"

But no, you haven't done one single thing about this, showing your true colors.

You're just silent and ignore this. What a shame.
Last bumped on Jul 30, 2020, 4:45:21 AM
Their silence is deafening, especially considering they made a post to state that they would have better communication to us about issues like this. It's a shame.
bros its funny i just saw this, i just got done writing a god dam novel about how the only time i die is fron lag and its gotten so often and frustrating this year that i just cant anymore. Ive spent so much money on this gane cuz i love it and thought they had greater integrity, they should have made xp loss less AND an immunity for when lag is detected by now, since it is so prevelant for every player not just 1 person, their lack of action has lead me to be just as discouraged and upset as you are, wish more people would speak up or walk away to force action.
I think the ultimate test of this games stability is to look at the most difficult survivability challenge, leveling to 100. Because without skill, or knowledge of game mechanics, nobody is just going to just accidentally hit level 100 - the XP penalty will claim them far before. I knew it was bad, but I was shocked at the actual numbers. Here's a snapshot the leaderboards as of this writing:

PC - Harvest SC LVL 100 Characters - 1,708
PS4 - Harvest SC LVL 100 Characters - 3
XBOX - Harvest SC LVL 100 Characters - 3

So yeah, obviously the entering argument is that the PC population is WAY bigger than probably both console versions combined. So I remembered hearing a streamer talk about how much sparser the HC community is compared to softcore, so maybe even though it's a completely different environment, maybe it's more in line with the console numbers.

PC - Harvest HC LVL 100 Characters - 114

Really? So there are almost 20 times more PC hardcore players who have never died a single time compared to the combined total of both console populations?

Ok, how about something more easily attainable. A not so good player can get to mid 90s with a little luck or playing more conservatively when nearing level completions. Same numbers, but for characters that reached at least level 95

PC Harvest SC- Unkonwn - The list caps at 15,000 characters, and number 15,000 is level 97
PC Hardcore - 12,762

PS4 Harvest SC - 349
XBOX Harvest SC - 218

IF by some miracle these numbers happen to be proportional to the player populations between PC and Console versions, then console is doomed. Because it wouldn't make any business sense to invest any money in fixing a so sparsely populated game, all the resources will just continue to go to the PC versions, and console players will continue to get a broken ported game that seems to get worse with each subsequent set of new league mechanics that get added.

Maybe someday I'll come back and try it again, but at this point I'm just having to accept that all the money I paid to support this game in the console form just got flushed to support PC. Sad, because I really loved this game. But I'm done with the frustration.
It's pretty crazy how the console version came to be in this state years after release (xbox and ps).

It's a self fulfilling prophecy. Not a big player base, so the budget is small because the return on MTX is small, players keep leaving and quitting due to technical issues, so less MTX are purchased, it's a loop with not a good ending.

Whom ever managed this did an awful job. You should go work for EA, you'll fit right in.
It's been going on for so long that I now partly blame Sony for allowing it to continue.

I stopped playing after Metamorph (which was only my second league) because the as much as I enjoyed the game itself, the crashes and lag made it, at the same time, too much of a frustrating experience.

Let's say I reported 50% of my crashes to Sony - that's probably 40/50 reports from ME alone and from ONE game.

Multiply that by the player base and...well, what does it take for them to take action?

The only way GGG will sit up and take notice is if Sony removed the game from the platform until they can prove the stability falls in line with it's standards IMO.

Good luck everyone.

echo echo echo.

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