[3.12] MrMNY's Freezing Pulse Totem Build with Arcane Cloak

If we can't afford the 19ex that Awakened COH is currently going for, would you recommend anointing Whispers instead of Flash Freeze, or just dropping the 2nd curse?
Whispers is a good way to go.You will not get the "chance to curse hexproof enemies", but i guess i would still go with Whispers.

If you go with 1 curse, go with Projectile Weakness.
Hey looking at your wand what would you recommend over that fire damage u have on it? I basically have a wand similiar to yours but wondering what the last prefix would be the best choice.
+1 to all spell gems is the best
and cold dmg to spells instead of fire is the better choice but its only a small upgrade and the chance to get it is also pretty small/risky because you can lose +1 to cold spells when rerolling cold dmg with harvest crafting.
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Word I fractured a +1 to cold spells so I was planning on folling for another cold mod since fractured mods stay there. Also how do you cap all resistances including chaos? I am having a tough time seeing how u can fit in all those resists with so many uniques.

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Pretty easy with harvest craft. Use a Life Essence on an item until you got a useful base, which is mostly at the first attempt and then harvest craft your resistances that you need.
i also run 2 items with a ele + chaos craft on top of the chaos resist on this items and i got chaos resist on 2 medium jewels. ending up with 95 ele resis and 75 chaos.

*edit* having the same amount of resis against all elementals is only important if you are running the wise oak flask.
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Alright thanks. I realized your boot enchant is what was getting you to 97% crit. Picked up a pair and just crafted them a bit so they're usable. So ill fuck around with them later on, but right now I am dicking yellow maps and about to start reds.
Also how did you craft ur jewels with triple multi?
Also with harvest craft, but they are not that expensive this league because of.. well.. harvest craft. 5 ex or something like this.
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Word ive been buying triple multi for 2 ex each with a 4th removable mod and then slamming life for % life.

Also thoughts on glancing blows? I swapped out my silver flask for a rumi's and wondering what you think about going max block? I see some people on poe ninja are.

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